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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

What Sticks – Chapter 13

Consumed => “What Sticks – Chapter 13 (Media Mechanics: Media Allocation’s “Laws of Physics”)” by Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart.

Friendly reminder: Value add = my added insights.

— Occasional, a smart up-and-comer would ask, “Where did these principles come from?”

— …”conventional wisdom,” much of which turned out to be false once it was examined under the careful scrutiny of quality research.

— There are good, bright people at advertising agencies working diligently on behalf of clients, but the agency people in attendance were in wide agreement that it is a mistake for marketers to abdicate responsibilities to the agencies alone. The marketer must get engaged and take responsibility for understanding media and marketing ROI and works side-by-side with their agency and independent ROI measurement firms. Value Add: AMEN! Best results come from participation. Period! Your agency can not be you. “Outsourcing” is fine. Assuming that ignorance is bliss is not. Also, not being involved is not license to blame your agent/agency for unacceptable results.

— Just like motivations and messaging, media has a major impact on success.

— Our sense is that many agency people and marketers are increasingly boggled by the seemingly complexity of media and don’t have the right tools to really treat media as an investment and, therefore, have no orientation to buy and manage it as such.

— At the heart of the problem is marketers who need to allocate their media mix and have to do so based on guesses rather than empirical results based on real impact against goals.

— …to get the right message in front of the right consumer at the right time to achieve the most cost-effect change in attitudes and consumer buying behavior. Value add: This is also an endorsement of a website using a content management system in order to deliver the right content at the right time. Static HTML sites are a no-no.

— Mechanics Principle #1: “No See, No Hear = No Impact”.

— Mechanics Principle #2: Beware of the Dual Diminishing Returns.

— Effectiveness diminishes over time and frequency of impressions. To allocate budget we need to know the cost and effect relative to the other media.Value add: More is often not more. More eventually hits a ceiling.

— Diminishing returns are not a negative. They are just a fact of business. The goal is to optimize them and maximize ROI.

— Mechanics Principle #3: Some Consumers Get More Than Their Fair Share

— Those consumers sitting in front of the media the whole time will get more ads that those who just periodically put themselves in front of the media, but are usually mingling away from the media. Value add: True. But in a social networked world maybe it makes sense to “entertain” the couch potato to get to his/her less media consuming friends?

Reach does NOT automatically equal effectiveness. Value add: Amen! Again!! In most case the objective in the 21st century should be on quality and results – not random-ish shotgun blasts

— Mechanics Principle #4: Reach Isn’t Effectiveness (And Sometimes Reach Isn’t Really Reach)

— Not all impressions are created equal.

— We’ve found that many in advertising who use a mediums reach stats/data are not 100 percent clear on what is being measured.

— Beware: The definition of reach is not consistent across all media.

— Mechanics Principle #5: Outcome Matters More Than In-Process Measures

— What really matters in the analysis is how much money the marketer put in and how much profit, sales, purchase intent, awareness (or whatever objective the marketer set out to achieve) is produced from that investment. Value add: Amen! Number three!!! Marketing and advertising should be approached (read:measured and managed) as an investment, not an expense.

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