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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Using quantity is a 20th Century myth

Consumed => “Hidden Failures – Abandoned Twitter Business Accounts” by Robert Bacal on Social Media Today.

Left a comment…

Thanks Robert. This is good, if not great, food for thought.

While I’m here, please allow me to add a couple things.

=> What is the definition of success here? The number of followers? IMHO, that might have been where the problem started for some of these. They went for (old media) quantity, when the real 21st Century goal should be quality. Three followers who all “buy” from you, is better than 1,000 who all ignore you. Yet, too many are still using the old “how many hits do you have?” type benchmarks.

=> That said, given the economy, I’d be curious to know how many of these business are still in business. Did they abandon Twitter because they wanted to? Or was there some broader problem plaguing their organization? Maybe dropping Twitter is a symptom? (As I suspect the problem probably is.)

=> I’d also be curious to know what tools they were using to measure their success. I wish I had $100 for every social media guru who looked at me with the classic blank stare when I ask, “So, how are you tagging the links you push out?”

=> Finally, (and not to blow my own horn but) thank you for validating what I’ve been repeating for some time now. That is, social media is not a panacea. It is not an ends (e.g., “I have ___ followers on Twitter…”) but a means to a business ends. IMHO, “failure” happens when the mission is misunderstood, and often from the start.

=> To that I add, social media will not make a sucky brand less sucky. Social Media can be a great magnifier. But that can work in both directions as you so kindly noted.

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