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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Topic: Web Dev

The science of combining wire frames, brand identity, the web designer's design, as well as a bit of technical genius to bring a web page and/or website to life. From freelance designers & developers to dedicated web site companies and firms there are hundreds of resources. Given the sprawl of the internet, building a web site is easy. However, the fact is, there's a lot more to the art & science than what ends up meeting the eye.

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Product Launch: WPezClasses Ajax Request 1

FYI => WordPress and Ajax, The ezWay. This magic builds on the foundation of WPezClasses Ajax Setup 1 from earlier today.

Product Launch: WPezClasses Ajax Setup 1

FYI => WordPress and Ajax, The ezWay. Lean on this when your WP + Ajax is not strong.

Product Launch: WPezClasses Transients Helpers 1

FYI => WordPress transients done The ezWay. Centralize your transients and treat them more like methods / functions.

Fact: Every Project has Context

Consumed => “Why You Should Include Your Developer In The Design Process” by Paul Boag on Smashing Magazine.

Product Launch: WPezClasses Add_Image_Size

FYI => WordPress add_image_size(), set_post_thumbnail_size() and a couple other image related bits get ezTized.

WordPress: You Get What You Pay For

Consumed => “WordPress Plugins – Return on Investment” by Eric Mann on his blog.

Bootstrap Resources – The Ultimate List (Oct 2014)

Bookmarked => The ultimate guide to Bootstrap” by Cameron Chapman on Webdesigner Depot.

Mobile Web App Checklist

Consumed => “Mobile Web App Checklist” by Zach Smith and Eugene Butler on

Success is a Process

Consumed => “Client Education and Post-Launch Success” by Drew Thomas on A List Apart.

Product Launch: WPezDeveloper (Alpha)

FYI => The destination idea is to curate a community (and associated content) of developers (and designers) who tend to lean on WordPress.

Product Launch: WPezBoilerStrap Uno

FYI => Sometimes no time to spare and your back up against the proverbial wall forces you forward. The refactoring is complete. (Again.) Presenting the WordPress theme WPezBoilerStrap Uno.

Mobile-friendly Website Checklist

Consumed => “10 Ways to Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly” by Dmitri Lau on SitePoint.

Great way to start a Monday

Bookmarked => “10 of the Best jQuery Mobile Device Plugins” by Sam Deering on SitePoint.

Speed doesn’t kill, http requests do

Consumed => “Speed Up Your Site with Delayed Content” by Paul Hammond on

What’s New with WordPress 3.9

Consumed => “What You Need To Know About WordPress 3.9” by Tyler Longren on Smashing Magazine.

WordPress and URL Routing

Consumed => “Hardcore URL Routing for WordPress” by Mike Schinkel on Hardcore WP.

Web Browsers? Are They Doing it all Wrong?

Consumed => “Spring-cleaning Unused CSS With Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli or Brunch” by Addy Osmani on his blog / site.

The Golden Rule (of Writing Code)

Consumed => “Code Guide” by @mdo on GitHub.

AngularJS – Getting Started (Video) by Dan Wahlin

Consumed => “AngularJS in 20ish Minutes (NG-Conf 2014)” by Dan Wahlin on YouTube (Channel NG-Conf 2014).

Paul Irish: DevTools for Mobile (Chrome Dev Summit 2013)

Consumed => “DevTools for Mobile – Chrome Dev Summit 2013” by Paul Irish on YouTube (Channel: Google Developers).