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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Topic: SMB

aka Small and Midsized Businesses; aka Small and Medium Businesses; aka Small and Medium Enterprises SME).

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Making good from “Breaking Bad”

Consumed => “Seven Leadership Tips From Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan” – Allen St. John (Forbes)

Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard for Small Business

FYI => Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard for Small Business

Getting to the root of all (bad) website evil

Answered => “What problems do businesses have with their websites?” on Quora.

The truth about Search Engine Optimization

Answered => “Why is SEO nowadays much harder for small businesses than for bigger companies and well-known brands?” on Quora.

The truth about leaving the 9 to 5 nest

Consumed => “The Top 10 Rookie Mistakes for Entrepreneurs” by Jay Goltz on NY Times.

The timeless formula for a successful business

Consumed => “Number-One Reason Your Startup Will Fail” by Louis Bedigian on Forbes.

True failure is to surrender to a life without curiosity and growth

Consumed => “In Praise of Slow Mastery: 10 Great Achievements That Took Time” by Carmel Hagen on 99 Percent.

Employees are customers too

Consumed => “Does Your Business Have an Employer Branding Problem?” by Michelle Court on NY Report.

Red Bull: A media company that sells canned caffeine

Consumed => “For showing what it really means to transform yourself into a media brand” by Teressa Iezzi on Fast Company. This is key: “This is the part Brell says many brands miss: You can show up with some cash and sponsor an event, sure, but audiences won’t admire you for one-off hits. “Whenever […]

FollowUpThen: Free, fast and simple email reminders

FYI => Nuttin’ fancy here. No APIs. No accounts to create. Simply email FollowUpThen and it will email you back when you specify.

The secret recipe: motivation

Consumed => “Figuring Out How to Attract New Business” by MP Mueller on NY Times.

Making the most of your company’s Facebook page

Consumed => “7 Winning Facebook Page Strategies Every Company Should Know” by Jelly Bone on SpeckyBoy.

Yes but just like anything else ORM takes time

Answered => “Has anyone used an online reputation management service” on Quora.

So long Wave, hello

Consumed => “Ex Google Wave Engineers Are Back Making Email More Social” by Niall Harbison on Simply Zesty.

Is your company’s website site increasing the value of Facebook’s IPO?

Consumed => “Is Social Media Killing the Website?” by Franz Keller on MarketingProfs.

It’s not easy being right

Answered => “Why are software development task estimations regularly off by a factor of 2-3?” on Quora.

Never underestimate what it takes to be successful – Part 2

Consumed =>Interview: Daymond John (FUBU) – Marketing Muscle” by Daria Meoli on NY Report.

Manage multiple social media accounts

Bookmarked => “10 Ways to Simultaneously Manage All Your Social Media Accounts” by Ciara Fitzpatrick on Simply Zesty.

What do you know about Jules and Jim?

Answered => “What’s the future of personal and small business websites?” on Quora.

The best way to becoming your own boss

Consumed => “So You Want To Build A Software Product” by Eran Galperin on Smashing Magazine.