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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

No Exit?

Consumed => “”One Startup’s Struggle to Survive the Silicon Valley Gold Rush” by Gideon Lewis-Kraus on Wired.

The Golden Rule (of Writing Code)

Consumed => “Code Guide” by @mdo on GitHub.

WordPress Development and OOP Singletons

Consumed => “The Case for Singletons in WordPress” by Eric Mann on (his blog) EAMann.

The Lexicon of Programming

Answered => “Why do professional programmers write their code in such a way as to make it hard to understand?” on Quora.

WordPress, Git, repos and symlinks

FYI => The short of it is, the client’s repo structure didn’t quite match WordPress’ expectations. Here’s a solution.

WordPress: Security Revisited – Part 1

Consumed => “Theme & Plugin Security” by Mark Jaquith on

Git: branches, merge and rebase

Consumed => “Git Branching Model” by Lemi Orhan Ergin on

WordPress 3.5: “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.”

FYI => Tweak by tweak I’ve been working my way through my OOP based WordPress theme WP ezBoilerStrap. Finally, I believe I’ve resolved one of the most frustrating bugs:

My point is simple, documentation – including code that’s commented – matters

Consumed => “Practical Tips From Top WordPress Pros” by Siobhan McKeown on Smashing Magazine.

GitHub and blog posts vs books and finding a mentor

Consumed => “Team Collaboration for Building with Open Source Code” by Jake Rocheleau on Speckyboy Design Magazine.

Free ebook: Agile for Dummies

FYI => “Agile for Dummies” free ebook from IBM on

WordPress Multisite vs GitHub + ManageWP

Consumed => “John Hawkins: Introduction to Multisite” on

So you wanna be a rock & roll open-source star

Consumed => “Starting An Open-Source Project” by Nicholas C. Zakas on Smashing Magazine.

Yes. And the truth about ecommerce is…

Consumed => “Web ‘Stoopidity'” by Denny Hatch on Target Marketing Mag.

Apps make Apple rich (but app developers not to much so)

Consumed => “The iEconomy – Part 8: Writing the Software (As Boom Lures App Creators, Tough Part Is Making a Living) by David Streitfeld on NY Times.


Consumed => “The Breakpoint: Paul Irish and Addy Osmani – Episode 1” on Addy Osmani’s blog.

Designing a programming system for understanding programs

Bookmarked => “Learnable Programming” by Bret Victor on Worry Dream.

Try Git

Consumed => “Give Us 15 Minutes, and We’ll Give You Git” by Scott Gilbertson on Webmonkey.

The dilemma of disruptive innovation

Consumed => “How RIM Died a Slow Death: The Curse of Unmitigated Technical Debt” by Mister Citizen on his/her blog.

By definition a servant who says no is no servant at all

Consumed => “How to Keep Cloud Projects Agile, Simple” by David Taber on CIO.