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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Topic: PPC

Pay Per Click Advertising, sometimes Pay Per Click Marketing, or even just plain Pay Per Click (PPC). The most popular platform? Obviously, Google AdWords.

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Don’t blame the screwdriver

Answered => “Is there a program to get the maximum value from ads? Like Google Adwords ads?” on Quora.

Getting your idea off the ground

Consumed => “Building a Business: Marketing and Product Development” by Patrick Mawhood on University of Oxford (podcast).

The hammer works but what about the hand that holds it?

Answered => “How can Google Analytics be improved?” on Quora.

Building a better conversions mouse trap

Answered => “Should I display our SaaS pricing on the homepage?” on Quora.

New Google AdWords report: Auction insights

Consumed => “New Google Adwords report lets you spy on the competition” by Lauren Fisher on Simply Zesty.

How Google’s generosity is costing you money

Blogged => “Google AdWords: Paying Paul to rob Peter and…you” on Alchemy United.

So much for don’t be evil, eh?

Consumed => “Google Instant Answers: Rich Snippets & Poor Webmasters” by Aaron Wall on SEO Book.

Best practices for advertising on Facebook

Consumed => “11 tips for a better Facebook ad campaign” by Shaad Hamid on SEOptimise.

Social media, link tagging and Google URL Builder – Part 1

Blogged => “Social Media ROI: Alchemy United vs Google URL Builder – Part 1” on Alchemy United.

Web Analytics (An Hour A Day) – Chapter 8 by Avinash Kaushik

Consumed => “Web Analytics (An Hour A Day) – Chapter 8 (Month 3: Search Analytics—Internal Search, SEO and PPC)” by Avinash Kaushik.

Building a better PPC mouse trap

Answered => “I’m an indie dev, when selecting ad network for my app, I find different ad network is suitable for different app, and the results can vary so much. Therefore I’d like to know if there’re good solutions?” on Quora.

Are humans undermining Google’s success?

Consumed => “Can Google survive its blind faith in the algorithm?” by Jason Hiner on TechRepublic.

Too many SEO eggs in the Google basket?

Consumed => “Apps, Not Siri, Threaten Google Search” by Brian Solomon on Forbes.

Try. Measure. Analyze. Adjust. Repeat.

Answered => “What is the best keyword tool for SEO and PPC? Why?” on Quora.

10 suggestions for Colorado Mountain Coffee

Consumed => “What’s Wrong With Colorado Mountain Coffee’s Web Site?” By Gabriel Shaoolian on NY Times.

Progress is not a four letter word

Some things never change, and that can be confusing, if not frustrating. Today was one of those days.

Google Analytics (3rd edition) – Chapter 14

Consumed => “Google Analytics (3rd edition) – Chapter 14 (Hacking Google Analytics)” by Jerri Ledford, Joe Teixeia and Mary E. Tyler.

Google Analytics (3rd edition) – Chapter 13

Consumed => “Google Analytics (3rd edition) – Chapter 13 (Google AdWords Integration)” by Jerri Ledford, Joe Teixeia and Mary E. Tyler.

The Year of Web Analytics

Consumed => “Web Analytics Handbook” by Jim Rapoza on Information Week.

Worshiping at the alter of Google

Consumed => “AdWords and Me: Exploring the Mystery” by Paul Downs on NY Times.