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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Topic: Logo Design

A single focused visual representation of a brand, company, business or organization.

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New Logo: The World (My Remix)

FYI => I can’t share anything else about this project at this point, except the logo. So please stay tuned.

My Update to the Classic Yin Yang Icon

FYI => I had an idea to update the classic yin yang using off the shelf SVGs.

New Logo: SnippetSearch (Beta)

FYI => Still working through the details in terms of colors but the design and font is set.

SVG: The Best Comprehensive Compilation of Resources

FYI => “A Compendium of SVG Information” by Chris Coyier on CSS Tricks.

Time to Make the Brand Guideline Doughnuts?

FYI => “Find Guidelines on the Web: The Fastest Way to Brand Assets”

The Wonderful World of Blissymbolics

Consumed => “Mr. Bliss” on RadioLab via NPR.

New logo: Read . Learn . Adapt

FYI => New logo for

What everyone should know about design, color and typography

Consumed => “How does Oliver Emberton create the graphics for his Quora posts?” on Quora.

How to design a logo

Consumed => “How to Design a Logo” by Sagi Haviv on Business Week.

Good design solves problems

Consumed => “Ignore the design, please” by Sreeraman Mohan Girija on Speckyboy Design Magazine.

What does leadership look like?

Answered => “What is the symbol of leadership globally?” on Quora.

Official launch of

FYI => Earlier this week, after a round of new enhancements, I decided to take the beta wraps off and anointed it as launched. Ya can’t be in beta forever, can ya?

The difference between design and art

Answered => “Who are the best logo designers?” on Quora.

The best design websites and blogs

Bookmarked => “What are the most influential design blogs?” on Quora.

Is your brand “social media friendly”?

Consumed => “‘What’s in a Name?’ 7 Social Media Tips (via Shakespeare)” by Taryn Erickson on Social Media Today.

More of the best free fonts

Bookmarked => “44 Websites to Find Free Fonts” by Jennifer Moline on Fuel Your Creativity.

Free fonts…get your free fonts here…

Bookmarked => “75+ Websites To Download Free Fonts” by Lars on Smashing Magazine.

Soft launch:

FYI => After a wrestling match from hell with customizing Add This, I cut my losses and decided on an acceptable work around. The result… has officially launched!

Designing an icon for art, entertainment and nightlife

Answered => “What icon would reasonably represent the concept of ‘art, entertainment and nightlife’?” on Quora.

Wanted: Alpha testers

FYI => I put in some more time with the VT802 site over the weekend. I think she’s finally ready for alpha testing. Yes!