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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

15 tools from Google (that you probably didn’t know about)

Consumed => “14 Google Tools You Didn’t Know Existed” by Denise Yu on Mashable.

Trust is something that is earned

Consumed => “Google Is Watching Me, and I’m Fine With It” by Theresa Cramer on EContent Magazine.

Evil, Google and picking open source cherries

Consumed => “Going With the Flow: Google’s Secret Switch to the Next Wave of Networking” by Steven Levy on Wired.

Siva Vaidhyanathan vs The Google monster

Consumed => “Voting Against the Algorithm” by Katy Waldman on Slate.

Nick D’Aloisio: Search engine wunderkind

Consumed => “The Teen, The Billionaire And The Revolutionary Search Tool” by Parmy Olson on Forbes.

So much for don’t be evil, eh?

Consumed => “Google Instant Answers: Rich Snippets & Poor Webmasters” by Aaron Wall on SEO Book.

Google is what Google does

Answered => “Why did Google pull out of radio but stay in TV?” on Quora.

War is peace. Facebook is privacy. Google is not evil.

Consumed => “Interpreting The Constitution In The Digital Era” on NPR (Fresh Air).

Are humans undermining Google’s success?

Consumed => “Can Google survive its blind faith in the algorithm?” by Jason Hiner on TechRepublic.

My meta titles…what the Google is going on?!?!?

Asked => “Why and when has Google abandoned displaying a page’s meta title when that page appears in a SERP?” on Quora.

Even the greatest brands have baggage

Answered => “Why haven’t major companies like Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo succeeded in creating social networking platforms?” on Quora.

Apparently Google is evil in Germany

Consumed => “Blurry in Germany” by Michael Bernstein on On The Media (via NPR).

Google Employee Number 59

Consumed => “Doug Edwards: Confessions of a Google Employee” by Brooke Gladstone on On The Media (via NPR).

The politics of geography, maps and Google

Consumed => “Making Maps, the Google Way” by John Gravois on On The Media (via NPR).

Big Brother is driving by and listening

Consumed => “Google’s Wifi Problem” by Bob Garfield on On The Media (via NPR).

It can be evil and still be legal

Consumed => “The Case Against Google” by Bob Garfield on On The Media (via NPR).

How many hits, I mean Likes do you have?

Answered => “Can Google detect the number of Facebook Likes a page has?” on Quora.

More news is good news

Consumed => “Google Saves The News!” by Jeff Bercovici on Forbes.

Yup, Local is the new black

Consumed => “Google Buying Groupon is a Flawed Idea” on Continuations.

Or maybe Facebook is a failure?

Consumed => “Facebook Accounts for 25% of All U.S. Pageviews” by Jolie O’Dell on Mashable.