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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Product Launch: WPezClasses Ajax Request 1

FYI => WordPress and Ajax, The ezWay. This magic builds on the foundation of WPezClasses Ajax Setup 1 from earlier today.

Product Launch: WPezClasses Ajax Setup 1

FYI => WordPress and Ajax, The ezWay. Lean on this when your WP + Ajax is not strong.

Product Launch: WPezClasses Transients Helpers 1

FYI => WordPress transients done The ezWay. Centralize your transients and treat them more like methods / functions.

Product Launch: WPezClasses Add_Image_Size

FYI => WordPress add_image_size(), set_post_thumbnail_size() and a couple other image related bits get ezTized.

Product Launch: WPezDeveloper (Alpha)

FYI => The destination idea is to curate a community (and associated content) of developers (and designers) who tend to lean on WordPress.

New Logo: The World (My Remix)

FYI => I can’t share anything else about this project at this point, except the logo. So please stay tuned.

Product Launch: ezMemeQuote

FYI => Simple and effective. ezMemeQuote uses a (JSON based) data file as the content within a predefined markup up template. Updated the data file and you have a new meme / slide. Done!

My Update to the Classic Yin Yang Icon

FYI => I had an idea to update the classic yin yang using off the shelf SVGs.

New Logo: SnippetSearch (Beta)

FYI => Still working through the details in terms of colors but the design and font is set.

SVG: The Best Comprehensive Compilation of Resources

FYI => “A Compendium of SVG Information” by Chris Coyier on CSS Tricks.

Time to Make the Brand Guideline Doughnuts?

FYI => “Find Guidelines on the Web: The Fastest Way to Brand Assets” Free Tool for Compressing Images

FYI => “ Free Tool Reduces The File Size of Your JPEG, PNG, GIF or SVG by up to 90 Percent” by Dieter Petereit on Noupe.

Friendly Reminder: Pinterest Board for “Show Your Work”

FYI => Today seemed like a good time to remind you about the board I have on Pinterest for (the book by) Austin Kleon’s “Show Your Work”

Self-publishing meets GitBook

fyi => GitBook – Build beautiful interactive books using GitHub/Git and Markdown.

Show Your Work! – Austin Kleon: Page 0

FYI => I’m just getting around to consuming Austin Kleon – “Show Your Work.” For those who are not familiar with Kleon, he is said to be a hit at media hipster heaven, aka SXSW.

Is Your iProperty Project Headed “North”?

FYI => Bumped into this repo on GitHub last night: “North – Design and development standards to align and guide your project.”

Learn Web Design – SkilledUp Best of

FYI => “Learn Web Design – A SkilledUp Curated Collection” on SkilledUp.

Launched: ezProductLauch – A Bootstrap 3.0 template

FYI => as well as its repo on GitHub are officially live.

WordPress Goes Mobile with AppPresser

FYI => WordPress goes mobile / native apps with AppPresser.

Thought Provoking Website of the Week Award goes to…

FYI => Thought Provoking Website of the Week Award goes to: Motherfucking Website.