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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Topic: e-Comm

e-Commerce - It's where more and more of your downtown is headed.

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Slow and steady wins the chess match

Consumed => “While We’re Trying To Follow His Game Of Checkers, Jeff Bezos Is Playing Chess” by MG Siegler on TechCrunch.

Social brands win in 2013 (and beyond)

Consumed => “The New Math” by Stefany Moore and Zak Stambor on Internet Retailer.

Financial transactions and the Social Graph

Answered => “Facebook: How can Facebook revolutionize mobile payments?” on Quora.

The Top 10 standard reports in Google Analytics that matter most

Consumed => “Google Analytics Tips: 10 Data Analysis Strategies That Pay Off Big” by Avinash Kaushik on (his blog) Occam’s Razor.

Yes. And the truth about ecommerce is…

Consumed => “Web ‘Stoopidity'” by Denny Hatch on Target Marketing Mag.

Analytics perfection, is it necessary?

Answered => “What the Best Ways to Deal with Google AdWords and Analytics E-Commerce Data Discrepancies?” on Quora.

Graphicly: Publish your visual story to the world

Consumed => “A One-Stop, Web-Based Shop For Comic Book Publishing” by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan on Fast Company.

I’m not pro-Internet. I’m simply anti-mediocrity.

Answered => “What types of goods are not suited to internet retail, that consumer would want to feel before purchase or simply say what is the path for highstreet stores?” on Quora.

WordPress: Affiliate marketing plugins

Consumed => “Increasing Traffic and Revenue: How to Set Up an Affiliate System within WordPress” by Vladislav Davidzon on Speckyboy.

Hammers don’t build houses, experience does

Answered = > “Can Shopify be customized so much to the extent that it makes sense if a web developer quotes $7k & up for a new ecommerce site using Shopify?” on Quora.

Don’t lower the price, change the context

Consumed => “Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso: Fashion’s New Phenom” by Victoria Barret on Forbes.

One or two purchases does not a pattern make

Answered => “How much is a in-store visit worth to a retailer?” on Quora.

A design is not a product. A website is not a brand.

Answered => “How to sell on Zazzle” on Quora.

Actually, “social” isn’t always the answer

Answered => “What are examples of e-commerce sites that have implemented a social layer” on Quora.

I remember when music wasn’t just another loss leader

Consumed => “A crescendo of competition” by Zak Stambor on Internet Retailer.

Loads of money

Answered => “Why is e-commerce such a hot area in venture capital now?” on

The good, the bad & the hosted e-commerce ugly

FYI => I’ve been doing some pre-sales discovery on hosted e-commerce platforms. This came my way a couple weeks ago and with the follow-up meeting on the horizon I figured I’d share a bit on what I’ve found so far.

6 thoughts on launching an e-business

Consumed => “The Easiest Way to Launch an E-business” by Renee Oricchio on Inc.

Is your brand just a click away from oblivion?

Consumed => “eSurvivor: Commerce Challenge” by Paul Korzeniowski on Destination CRM.

Dear Borders – FusterCluck (The Squel)

FYI => A quick follow up to yesterday’s Border’s fiasco with a semi-happy ending. Kinda?