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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Slack has Empathy

Consumed => “Slack’s $2.8 Billion Dollar Secret Sauce” by Andrew Wilkinson on Medium.

Without Priority There is No Hierachy

Consumed => “Design Principles: Dominance, Focal Points And Hierarchy” by Steven Bradley on Smashing Magazine.

Clarity Beats Cleverness Every Time – Part 2

Consumed => “From Google Ventures: 5 Rules For Writing Great Interface Copy” by John Zeratsky on FastCo Design.

Clarity Beats Cleverness Every Time

Consumed => “How To Master Copywriting” by John Zeratsky on FastCo Design.

UX Psychology: Actual Experience vs Remembered Experience

Consumed => “Your Cheatsheet For Creating Memorable Design” by Jeremy Finch on FastCo Design.

What Real Creativity Really Is

Consumed => “How to transform design limitations into design success” by Speider Schneider on Web Designer Depot.

Be Honest With Yourself

Consumed => “7 pro tips for starting a new branding project” by Natasha Jen on The Creative Blog.

New Logo: The World (My Remix)

FYI => I can’t share anything else about this project at this point, except the logo. So please stay tuned.

“Product Design is your brand”

Consumed => “What is Product Design?” by Eric Eriksson on Medium.

My Update to the Classic Yin Yang Icon

FYI => I had an idea to update the classic yin yang using off the shelf SVGs.

New Logo: SnippetSearch (Beta)

FYI => Still working through the details in terms of colors but the design and font is set.

SVG: The Best Comprehensive Compilation of Resources

FYI => “A Compendium of SVG Information” by Chris Coyier on CSS Tricks.

The Reading Experience in the context of Conversions & Completion

Consumed => “Designing For The Reading Experience” by Marko Dugonjic on Smashing Magazine.

Time to Make the Brand Guideline Doughnuts?

FYI => “Find Guidelines on the Web: The Fastest Way to Brand Assets”

User Expectations & Experience (UXX): The Ultimate Goal

Consumed => “Agile UX vs Lean UX, which should you choose?” by Marcin Treder on Web Designer Depot.

KISS is Never a Bad Thing

Consumed => “Readable, Fluid Type With Basic CSS Smarts” by Val Head on TypeCast.

“…if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong”

Consumed => “Why UX Designers Need to Think like Architects” by Rima Reda on UX Magazine.

Common Practice Doesn’t Always Equal Best Practice

Consumed => “Rethinking Mobile Tutorials: Which Patterns Really Work?” by Theresa Neil on Smashing Magazine.

When You Practice Design

Consumed => “A Framework for Building a Design Practice” by Verne Ho on Medium.

David Kelley of IDEO on “Creative Confidence”

Consumed => “David Kelley, Co-Founder Of IDEO” by Jessica Harris on From Scratch (via NPR).