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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Topic: Biz Needs

Not wants... NEEDS! There's a difference. Understanding the different and in turn being able to define needs is essential to any successful business endeavor.

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Success is a Process

Consumed => “Client Education and Post-Launch Success” by Drew Thomas on A List Apart.

Why you should ask Why

Consumed => “Five Whys” by Eric Reis on Startup Lessons Learned.

Big Storage, Big Data and Big Information

Consumed => “Industry Atlas” on Forbes.

WordPress Multisite vs GitHub + ManageWP

Consumed => “John Hawkins: Introduction to Multisite” on

New year, new ways of thinking

Consumed => “CIOs Need to Learn New Ways of Thinking” by Madeline Weiss, June Drewry on CIO Magazine.

Hammers don’t build houses, experience does

Answered = > “Can Shopify be customized so much to the extent that it makes sense if a web developer quotes $7k & up for a new ecommerce site using Shopify?” on Quora.

Why are you me-too’ing competitors’ bad ideas

Consumed => “12 questions to ask before you build an app” by Ian Lurie on Conversation Marketing.

Static is what static does

Consumed => “Good Old Static HTML Sites Aren’t Dead Yet. Should They Be?” by Ada Ivanova on SpeckyBoy.

Pounding nails with a screw driver

Answered => “What is the best way of collecting and allowing users to vote on submissions for an online publication?” on Quora.

Never underestimate what it takes to be successful

Blogged => “From bar napkin to zillionaire in 10 ‘easy’ steps” on Alchemy United.

If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it

Blogged => “How YouTube and Facebook are Killing Innovation and Success” on Alchemy United.

The truth about HTML5 video?

Consumed => “Enough About HTML5 Video Already!” by Jan Ozer on Streaming Media.

Big data is nothing without big judgement

Consumed => “Why Big Data Doesn’t Always Equal Big Insight” by Shvetank Shah on InformationWeek.

New WordPress plugin: AU WordPress Form Manager Widget (Beta)

FYI – The need was to put the content form in the sidebar of a WordPress page. Unfortunately, Cambell Hoffman’s handy dandy Form Manager was shortcode based and didn’t have widget support. Until now!

So you want to be a consultant…

Answered => “If you were teaching a “Consulting 101″ class, what would be the most important lesson for students to grasp?” on Linkedin (Consulting Magazine’s Forum).

Wireframes: Think first, then do

Consumed => “Wireframes…Who Needs Them?” by Nathan Powell on SpeckyBoy.

With empowerment comes responsibility

Consumed => “You Should Build Websites That Empower Site Owners” by Jason Gross on Six Revisions.

Agile and change as a constant

Consumed => “Agile Web Development That Works” by Jason Mark on Six Revisions.

Time to dust off the ExpressionEngine skills

FYI => Just finished up a (goto) meeting with 21 Plus and Falco Design. Time to dust off the ExpressionEngine skills. It looks like there might be a healthy list of enhancements coming from 21 Plus.

The myth of technology as a panacea

Consumed => “When Is a Solution Not a Solution?” by David Rosenbaum on CFO.