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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Topic: Advertising

Putting the marketing into play. Creatively, of course.

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General Motors pulls ads from Facebook ($10 million worth)

Consumed => “General Motors pulls annual $10 million worth of ads from Facebook” by Cyrus Farivar on ARS Technica.

There are two sides to every Facebook revenue story

Consumed => “Stats: Facebook Made $9.51 in Ad Revenue Per User Last Year In The U.S. and Canada” by Kim-Mai Cutler on TechCrunch.

The 10 Rules of Effective Language

Bookmarked => “7 Sharp Writing and Marketing Links” by Robert Bruce on CopyBlogger.

The truth about advertising

Answered => “Why do radio commercials make me feel like jumping out of a moving car?” on Quora.

“What would Steve Jobs do?”

Answered => “Does Steve Jobs deserve criticism for his lack of public philanthropy?” on Quora.

Marketing is about motivation

Consumed => “Know the 6 Stages of Your Customers’ Purchase Process” by Gary Gebenlian on MarketingProfs.

Traditional marketing, social media and ROI

Answered => “How would you measure the ROI in social media?” on Quora.

The effects of What Sticks are still with me

Answered => “What’s the biggest challenge in getting marketing content seen by the right people?” on Quora.

How Bing made Jay-Z famous?

Consumed => “Six Steps to Successful Sponsorships” by William Rosen and Laurence Minsky on HBR.

When advertising knows no shame

Consumed => “Interview: Morgan Spurlock – This Space For Rent” by Jeff Bercovici on Forbes.

Classic words of wisdom on marketing

Consumed => “Famous Last Words : 19 Favorite Takeaways” by Denny Hatch on Target Marketing Mag.

Super Bowl XLV commercials

Since the rest of the free world is chiming in, I’m going to follow suit…

Real people versus fake actors

Consumed => “Q. and A. With Stuart Elliott (Mon 10 Jan 2011)” on NY Times.

A great example of ineffective TV advertising

Am I the only one who finds the NFL Play 60 TV adverts a great example of bad advertising?

Online advertising: Good news and bad news

Consumed => “It’s Alive! Web Ad Revenues Hit Record Amid Media Thaw” by Sam Gustin on Wired.

Outback’s Bloomin’ Onion offer to Vets & Military is…?

Outback Steakhouse’s offer to All Veterans and Active Military: Sincere? Lame PR/social media stunt? Or maybe even insult?

Maximum Marketing: What Sticks – Chapters 1 – 17

Consumed => “What Sticks” by Rex Briggs and Gregg Stuart. Here’s a single link to all the summaries.

What Sticks – Chapter 17

Consumed => “What Sticks – Chapter 17 (The Critical 10-Percent Factor)” by Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart.

What Stick – Chapter 16

Consumed => “What Sticks – Chapter 16 (Marketing as a True Competitive Weapon)” by Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart.

What Sticks – Chapter 15

Consumed => “What Sticks – Chapter 15 (Media Optimization: Getting More Bang for Your Buck”)” by Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart.