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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Tool: PHP

The revered and respected open source programming language.

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WordPress: Security Revisited – Part 1

Consumed => “Theme & Plugin Security” by Mark Jaquith on

10 PHP snippets for your web dev toolbox

Bookmarked => “Useful PHP code snippets and functions” by Jean-Baptiste Jung on Cats Who Code.

SalesForce integration with forms and PHP

FYI => Surprise. Surprise. Setting up a form and submitting its values to SalesForce is as easily done as it is said.

Making PHP phaster

Consumed => “Website Speed Part 4 : PHP Programming for Speed” by Andy Killen on SpeckyBoy.

WordPress plugin: EZ Widget 2 v0.5.4 (beta)

FYI => Now officially in beta, WordPress plugin EZ Widget 2. Almost identical to EZ Widget 1 but EZ w2 supports WordPress capabilities. Don’t forget to read the ReadMe.txt for complete details.

WordPress plugin: EZ Widget 1 v0.5.4 (beta)

FYI => After pushing past a number of priorities and distractions, I’m finally ready to present to you WordPress plugin EZ Widget 1. Drum roll please…

WordPress plugin: EZ Slider 2 v0.5.2 now in beta

FYI => I still need to write up the README.txt but for most web designers and web developers this WordPress slider plugin is fairly straight forward. Such is the basis of the EZ series.

WordPress plugin: EZ Widget 3 v0.5.4 (Beta)

FYI => New WordPress plugin called EZ Widget 3 v0.5.4 now in beta. Use it to: add content to the EZ Widget 3 custom post, display that content via widget or shortcode, and control displaying of content based on user logged in/out status.

Tips & Tricks for working with the WP DB

Consumed => “WordPress Essentials: Interacting With The WordPress Database” by Daniel Pataki on Smashing Magazine. Pretty soon, once again it will be weekend warrior WordPress plugin development time. This next idea is killer. However, the various vectors—UI, UX, features, apps architecture, etc.—are still simmering and forming. If I told you any more I’d have […]

Another Alchemy United WordPress plugin coming soon

FYI => In order to expedite a couple ideas/projects I’ve been digging deeper into WordPress custom post types, as well as short codes. I don’t have an official name for it yet but yesterday I whipped up the shell of a new WordPress plugin.

Getting WP sticky to work with categories and tags

Consumed => “Definitive Sticky Posts Guide for WordPress” by Nathan Rice on this blog.

New project: Savage for Mercer

FYI => Yesterday kicked off the web development phase of the Jonathan Savage for Mercer County Executive website. For the record, I’m not really into politics so please don’t interpret this as an endorsement, etc. Thank you. Moving right along…

Client: Apps4Rent – Good news and more good news

FYI => The Apps4Rent for rent makeover/makeunder is progressing page by page. Also on deck to launch today is a new product, Hosted Desktop (aka Virtual Desktop).

WP Validate is almost ready for primetime

FYI => As weekends go this past 72 or so hours have been good for my WordPress plugin WP Validate. It’s not moving spectacularly fast but the progress is steady and the results very impressive.

Beatin’ the heat with cool coding cats

Consumed => “8 New and amazing WordPress hacks” by Jean-Baptiste Jung on Cats Who Code.

Beta of WP Validate is coming soon

FYI => The weekend was quite productive and the beta of my WordPress plugin WP Validate is within sight. It terms of originality, I think it might be my best one yet.

Update on WP plugin WP Validate

FYI => Over the last couple weeks I’ve been able to put some thought into the UI / UX as well as the resulting underlying coding strategy for WP Validate. Let’s just say the pieces are falling into place.

WP plugin AU_WPing v0.8.5 now in beta

FYI => This morning with my morning coffee(s) I sneaked in a couple tasty tweaks to my WordPress social media plugin AU_WPing. Version v0.8.5 is now in beta.

Rounding the corner on WP Validate

FYI => Can I get a “Holy sheep-dip Batman!”? And please also allow me to be a bit less humble and say that this WordPress plugin has the potential to be big. I’ve done quite a bit of searching and best I can tell there are no WordPress plugins for validating content prior to publishing. Until now!

Coming soon: New WP plugin AU_PostValidate

FYI => I’m sure I’m not the only one who has published a WordPress post only to realize that I forgot something. If you’re like me then rejoice because good news is coming.