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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Tool: jQuery

What a simple, light weight and beautiful thing.

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Great way to start a Monday

Bookmarked => “10 of the Best jQuery Mobile Device Plugins” by Sam Deering on SitePoint.

Learn Web Design – SkilledUp Best of

FYI => “Learn Web Design – A SkilledUp Curated Collection” on SkilledUp.

Power-tools for your Bootstrap toolbox

Consumed => “Bootstrap Toolbox – Tools, Utilities, Generators and Templates” on Speckyboy Design Magazine.

HTML form inputs: disabled vs readonly

FYI => HTML form input: The difference between “disabled” and “readonly”.

10 Ajax solutions for the development toolbox

Bookmarked => “10 New jQuery AJAX Techniques with Source Code” by Vikas Panwar on Web Insight Lab.

Top new jQuery plugins (September 2012)

Consumed => “20 New jQuery Plugins Worth Taking a Look at” by Speckyboy Editors on Speckyboy Design Magazine.

Consume an RSS feed with Javascript

Consumed => “How to work with RSS using Google Feed API and JavaScript” by Ryan Boudreaux on TechRepublic.

Fine tuning jQuery selectors

Consumed => “Filtering elements with jQuery by Joel Rodrigues on Mr Bool.

jQuery plugin: ezColumnControl v0.5.0 (beta)

FYI => Presenting my latest jQuery plugin…ezColumnControl – beta release (v0.5.0).

Getting started: Javascript unit testing with QUnit

Consumed => “Introduction To JavaScript Unit Testing” by Jörn Zaefferer on Smashing Magazine.

jQuery++ – A collection of DOM helpers

Bookmarked => jQuery++

jQuery best practices

Consumed => “jQuery – Proven Performance Tips & Tricks” by Addy Osmani on his blog.

Build a better jQuery image hover

Consumed => “How to create an image hover-preview effect using jQuery” by Ryan Boudreaux on TechRepublic.

A dirty little secret about form updates via Ajax

FYI => I’ve been working up a jquery plugin for ExpressionEngine’s SafeCracker that would make certain updates via Ajax easier.

Launched: Shanachie Entertainment’s new website

FYI => I’m a bit late on announcing this proper but… Launched: Shanachie Entertainment’s new website. Falco Design’s client. FD did the PM, design and majority of the markup.  I was contracted for the ExpressionEngine development slice. Also, along the way my jquery plugin ezPagination was envisioned, coded and added to the mix. Please […]

jQuery plugins: Best of…filtering and/or sorting

Bookmarked => “35 Useful jQuery Filter and Sort Plugins” by Lars on Smashing Magazine.

EE, SafeCracker, Ajax and updating multiple channels / entries

FYI => The UX called for a clean Ajax based updated within an ExpressionEngine SafeCracker form. What wasn’t so standard was having to update two (or more) EE channels / entries via a single form submit. And this is where the magic started to happen.

Many thanks to Mr Shawn Lehner

FYI => I had hit a bottleneck with some jQuery code I was working with for a Google Custom Search project and Shawn helped to troubleshoot and solve the problem. Cheers Shawn.

Google Custom Search with jQuery

Consumed => “Google Powered Site Search with jQuery” by Martin Angelov on Tutorialzine.

Look ma! I did the EE dev for…

FYI => Look ma! I did some of that—the CMS web dev / ExpressionEngine part. I’m going to do a formal “launched” post in soon. But until then I figured I should mention that Shanachie Entertainment’s press release made it Yahoo News. My slice was the ExpressionEngine development and a bit of jquery. […]