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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Tool: Google AdWords

King of the Pay Per Click (PPC) Mountain. A simple but brilliant concept built around keywords, short ad copy, bids for placement, click through rates (CTR), page quality score and conversions.

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Don’t blame the screwdriver

Answered => “Is there a program to get the maximum value from ads? Like Google Adwords ads?” on Quora.

Analytics perfection, is it necessary?

Answered => “What the Best Ways to Deal with Google AdWords and Analytics E-Commerce Data Discrepancies?” on Quora.

New Google AdWords report: Auction insights

Consumed => “New Google Adwords report lets you spy on the competition” by Lauren Fisher on Simply Zesty.

How Google’s generosity is costing you money

Blogged => “Google AdWords: Paying Paul to rob Peter and…you” on Alchemy United.

Google is what Google does

Answered => “Why did Google pull out of radio but stay in TV?” on Quora.

Progress is not a four letter word

Some things never change, and that can be confusing, if not frustrating. Today was one of those days.

Google Analytics (3rd edition) – Chapter 13

Consumed => “Google Analytics (3rd edition) – Chapter 13 (Google AdWords Integration)” by Jerri Ledford, Joe Teixeia and Mary E. Tyler.

Worshiping at the alter of Google

Consumed => “AdWords and Me: Exploring the Mystery” by Paul Downs on NY Times.

Are we too obsessed with Bounce Rate? – Part 2

Consumed => “What Does My Bounce Rate Really Mean?” on SEO 2.0 OnReact.

Cranking up the Falco marketing machine

While the PPC CTR is healthy, we’ve both come to believe that landing pages crafted for traffic that comes in via PPC is what FD needs.

PPC management update

No time for in depth details, sorry. Both FD’s and OSW’s PPC efforts are holding their own.

Google To Infinity And Beyond

Consumed => “Google Predicts More Social, and Profitable, Display Ads” by Tanzina Vega and Claire Cain Miller on

Blogging For Keyword Dollars

Consumed => “The basis of keyword research” by Joost de Valk on

SEO Keyword Research

Consumed => “SEO Keyword Research: The Complete Guide” by Paul Cheney on

Quick OSW PPC Update

It’s coming along. CTR needs some work. That said, I’m still crafting ads and fine tuning keywords, etc.

OSW + PPC = Brilliant

The AdWords conversion snippets are now in place for the OSW PPC campaign.

One Simple Click

I forget to mention that when I met with Danielle at she asked me to set up a PPC campaign.

Kudos To One Simple Wish

After this morning’s run I need to pop over to OSW and chat with Danielle about a whole list of things.

Cream & Cookies

Quick update on some odds & ends for FD.

Copywriting For FD: The Sequel

Time to redigest the FD site, dust off the copy writing skills and do the write ups.