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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Tool: ExpressionEngine

A full featured CMS (content management system), from EllisLab. EE is a web design's/web developer's dream come true. Dollar for dollar one of the best web development weapons ever invented. Not for the faint of heart, EE entails more than a minimal level of programming prowess. Fun fact: The proper spelling of ExpressionEngine as well as EllisLab is without a space. But you already knew that, right?

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jQuery plugin: ezColumnControl v0.5.0 (beta)

FYI => Presenting my latest jQuery plugin…ezColumnControl – beta release (v0.5.0).

WordPress 3.4 – What’s new

Consumed => “What’s New in WordPress 3.4” by Daniel Pataki on Smashing Magazine.

A dirty little secret about form updates via Ajax

FYI => I’ve been working up a jquery plugin for ExpressionEngine’s SafeCracker that would make certain updates via Ajax easier.

Launched: Shanachie Entertainment’s new website

FYI => I’m a bit late on announcing this proper but… Launched: Shanachie Entertainment’s new website. Falco Design’s client. FD did the PM, design and majority of the markup.  I was contracted for the ExpressionEngine development slice. Also, along the way my jquery plugin ezPagination was envisioned, coded and added to the mix. Please […]

EE, SafeCracker, Ajax and updating multiple channels / entries

FYI => The UX called for a clean Ajax based updated within an ExpressionEngine SafeCracker form. What wasn’t so standard was having to update two (or more) EE channels / entries via a single form submit. And this is where the magic started to happen.

Discovering ExpressionEngine’s preload_replace

FYI => A couple weeks ago I started the development phase of another project in (the CMS) ExpressionEngine. In the process of vetting a couple project specific ideas I came across preload_replace. In that moment my EE world changed.

Spring is here! And so is

FYI => Launched! Honest, clean & thorough, just like the GL brand itself, this ExpressionEngine driven website showcases Gregs Landscaping’s’ full range of services.

ExpressionEngine has its limit (of 100)

FYI => Over the last week or so I’ve been fitting in some nips and tucks to the Robin’s Nest website. Long story short, after plenty of foul language, I discovered that ExpressionEngine has a default limit=” ” of 100. Who knew?

Look ma! I did the EE dev for…

FYI => Look ma! I did some of that—the CMS web dev / ExpressionEngine part. I’m going to do a formal “launched” post in soon. But until then I figured I should mention that Shanachie Entertainment’s press release made it Yahoo News. My slice was the ExpressionEngine development and a bit of jquery. […]

Static is what static does

Consumed => “Good Old Static HTML Sites Aren’t Dead Yet. Should They Be?” by Ada Ivanova on SpeckyBoy.

Transformation of 21plus nearly complete

FYI => The enhancements to are nearly complete. Sometimes I forget just how robust and flexible ExpressionEngine really is. I actually just learned another new trick. Fancy that!

Getting WP sticky to work with categories and tags

Consumed => “Definitive Sticky Posts Guide for WordPress” by Nathan Rice on this blog.

Coming soon…21 Plus 2.0

FYI => The call yesterday with 21 Plus and Falco Design went extremely well. After some follow-up discussion I scoped out their needs, proposed a couple solutions—because that is what I do—and almost immediately the reply was, “Let’s do it”.

The impact of dynamic content on Google and SEO

Consumed => “How does Google handle pages with content that changes on each page load?” by Google Webmaster Help on YouTube.

Time to dust off the ExpressionEngine skills

FYI => Just finished up a (goto) meeting with 21 Plus and Falco Design. Time to dust off the ExpressionEngine skills. It looks like there might be a healthy list of enhancements coming from 21 Plus.

Happy B-day Robin’s Nest Rhythm & Blues

FYI => Alchemy United client RNRB turned one year old over the weekend.

Custom post types in WordPress

Bookmarked => “How to Create a FAQ Page with WordPress and Custom Post Types” by Sumeet Chawla on Net Tuts.

Learning from another’s EE mistakes

Consumed => “ is now” by Leevi Graham on Newism.

Beta launch:

New website now in play for Recovery Revolution built on the CMS ExpressionEngine 2.x.

ExpressionEngine and Freeform issue fixed

Without getting into details, Freeform (from Solspace) was working just fine. And then it wasn’t.