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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Tool: CSS

Also known as Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is the language used to describe the look and formatting (i.e., presentation semantics) of a document written in a markup language. It is most commonly used to style web pages coded with HTML or XHTML.

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Beyond the CSS Style Guide

Consumed => “CSS Audits: Taking Stock of Your Code” by Susan Robertson on A List Apart.

Learn Web Design – SkilledUp Best of

FYI => “Learn Web Design – A SkilledUp Curated Collection” on SkilledUp.

Making the world safer with better CSS

FYI => “10 Terrific Time-Saving CSS Cleanup Tools” by Peter North on SitePoint.

CSS: Centering an unordered list (without setting the width)

Bookmarked => “CSS – Center Unordered List UL/LI Based Menu” by Mr. SEO, Mark Rushworth.

Page load speed performance tips from GitHub

Consumed => “GitHub’s Tips for Building Faster Websites” by Scott Gilbertson on Webmonkey.

SEO, headline tags and image headlines

Answered => “What is the best way (in terms of SEO) to structure html/css for headlines that are images instead of text?” on Quora.

WordPress, Galleria errors and God bless the internet

FYI => As a result of my post “WordPress, Galleria and “Could not extract width/height from image” from a couple days ago, I connected with (photographer) Mark Barrett ( He left a comment, I followed up with an email. Long story short, I think we’ve solved the WordPress vs Galleria problem.

SEO, duplicate content and CSS sprites

FYI => Yesterday while further refining one of micro-sites for A4R we ran into a potential duplicate content issue. My solution was to use CSS sprites. Let me explain…

New project: Savage for Mercer

FYI => Yesterday kicked off the web development phase of the Jonathan Savage for Mercer County Executive website. For the record, I’m not really into politics so please don’t interpret this as an endorsement, etc. Thank you. Moving right along…

Client: Apps4Rent – Good news and more good news

FYI => The Apps4Rent for rent makeover/makeunder is progressing page by page. Also on deck to launch today is a new product, Hosted Desktop (aka Virtual Desktop).

Just speeding it up boss

FYI => After reading Andy Killen’s article on SpeckBoy about being more efficient about CSS coding, I decided to make a couple tweaks to Chief Alchemist.

There’s got to be a better way to optimized CSS

Consumed => “Website Speed Part 1: Write More Efficient CSS” by Andy Killen on Speakyboy.

WP plug-in AU_Slideshow v0.5.3

FYI => Added a subtle but necessary tweak to my WordPress plug-in AU_Slideshow.

Taking the hassle out of sprites

Bookmarked => Sprite Box

Look ma, no hands and no javascript

Bookmarked => “32 Javascript Alternatives with Pure CSS – Updated” by Paul Andrew on Specky Boy.

Tis the season to tweak AU_Slideshow

With the roll out of KYR Beta 2.0 just moments away I decided to take a tweak at AU_Slideshow.

Free website templates

Bookmarked => “100 Free HTML/CSS Templates” by Andy Crofford on Test King.

What does a good web designer need to know?

Consumed => “Should Web Designers Know HTML and CSS?” by Michael Tuck on Six Revisions.

Additional intelligence on Microformats

Consumed =>”4 Easy-to-Use Microformat Tools to Beef Up Your Site” Meitar Moscovitz on

Microformats: Increasing SEO friendliness

Consumed => “SEO Strategies: Microformats in Web Development” by Kristen Holden on