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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

The birth of AU_Slideshow

I found a WordPress slideshow plug-in. It’s very impressive. The coding is amazingly thorough and solid. However, it needs some tweaking and some functionality added. Yes, this looks to be the birth of AU_Slideshow.

Here’s the link to the original plug-in:

Nice, right? That said, the enhancement on my hit list include:

— Making adjustments to the database table the plug-in creates. For example, CHAR(50) is too short for storing file names.
— Allowing non-Admin to be able to manage slides.
— An option that will display the slides randomly.
— An option that will allow “sticky” to be assigned to slides so they appear first before the randomizing.
— Add a parameter for defining which slides will be included/excluded from a particular rendering of the slideshow.
— Add a start date as as well as a stop date to have finer control of what slides get displayed when.
— I might even consider using a different jQuery plug-in for the fading/sliding. Currently, there is only fading. Adding an actual slide option might be a nice touch.

The initial challenge is getting to know this code base. It’s very modular and therefor there are quite a few threads to while in trying to understand how it thinks. Not to worry, I need these features and am therefore hope for the challenge.

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