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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

The best landing pages optimize The Guest Experience

Consumed => “Designing Landing Pages That Work” by Karol K. on Six Revisions.

=> My value add (i.e., left a comment)…

I have to play devil’s advocate and say that I – based on personal experience – see things a bit different.

Let me explain…

I am forever landing on stripped down pages asking me to do something. For example, Square’s “Start accepting credit cards today.” Oh really, that’s it? That’s all I need to know in order to entrust an essential component of my business to you? Or put another way, we just met and you want *me* to marry *you*? (Note: You wanting to marry me doesn’t mean I want to reciprocate.) That’s a doubt inducing proposition. And as we all know, doubt is the deal breaker.

In short, there is a significant difference between wanting a Guest to grab a particular carrot and providing them with the info/content necessary to make such a – sometimes major – decision. For me, I use the same rule of thumb I use for movie trailers. That is, if you can’t take the time to explain it to me *clearly* then I’m not going to take my time to figure it out. The thought of thousands others like me signing up just to figure out what the brand should have been happy to tell us makes me wonder about a brand’s perception of customer service, as well as their respect for my time. In other words, why should 1,000 people take 5 minutes when the brand could have provided the same in a lot less (collective) time?

Frankly, I think the Dropbox example is a perfect example of what not to do. Really? That’s it? Watch this video or else? That’s crap! The least they could say is, “Watch this 60 second video” (i.e., give context) as well as provide a link to a slide deck (or similar) alternative.

It might also benefit Dropbox to have 3 or more video options. For example, “Watch this 20 second video on Topic A”, “What this 30 second video on Topic B” and so on with each address a particular buyer doubt. Something also tells me the analytics would be insightful to Dropbox. They could in time “tune” the page based on entry keywords, entry URLs, etc. But one size fits all? That’s so 2000, yes?

My point is, I’m wanting to make a decision. Either remove my doubt or I leave. Period. End of story. Yes, keep it simple but not to the point where I’m not satisfied. IMHO, Dropbox looks lazy and not very Guest-centric. That’s not even bring home to mum let alone marriage material.

Finally, I think it’s also worth mention that there is also a difference between trying to get someone to jump on something (i.e., scarcity) and acquiring a customer who doesn’t churn. I worked with a client that always went for maximum conversion rates. Unfortunately, that also led to high churn rates. They were forever trying to fill the void created by their short term thinking. Not all conversions are equal. As the data rolls in you have to think about the best conversations. Grossing less today could in fact net more biz at some later date.

Rant over. Time to get back to getting some work done.

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