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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

The adult version of everyone gets a trophy?

Answered => “Is entrepreneurship overhyped and glorified?” on Quora.

=> My answer…

Sure is. As a matter of fact, it’s the new black. Or for far many than expect it to be, the new red :)

Too many believe Entrepreneurship is about being a founder. Or dreaming up some esoteric product. Or leading a trendy lifestyle working from coffee shops. Or jumping on the bandwagon because all the cool kids are doing it.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. And wrong again.

Being an entrepreneur is a state of mind. It’s not the title on your biz card. It’s who you are – skin, bones & soul. It’s the way you think. It’s the ability to see things where others see nothing. It’s the knack for mitigating risk (not blindly diving head first into it). It’s the willingness to sacrifice now (e.g., eat PB&J) for the rewards that might come later. It’s an obsession with finding a problem, solving it and then and only then, getting the market to compensate you for that. That is “the profile”.

Who / what did this?

Three things come to mind:

1) The Mass Media, the Tech Media and to some extend President of the United States of America. They’ve certainly done plenty to keep hyping the fringe success stories and keep forgetting to mention the risks, the crash & burns, the noise, etc. They love talking about the steak but not the carnage. And discussing the finer points of execution and reality in general isn’t sexy.

2) The general over-use of the word / idea / ideal of Innovation to the point just about everything is being passed off and accepted as innovative. As a result everyone thinks their idea is new and innovative, and because it is, it’s going to be The Next Big Thing. Applying the word innovative is the adult version of everyone gets a trophy.

3) But mainly, it was Wall Street When the crash hit and then passed those with some extra coin were looking for better than average returns. They heard the POTUS and the Medias and are throwing more and more money at it. At the same time that crash put a lot of people out of work and plenty more on the bubble (of potentially losing their job). They too started to drink the Kool Aid. Spare times makes average ideas innovative, right? Such people used to call themselves consultants. Now they call themselves entrepreneurs.

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