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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Build your own iproperty

Consumed => “Why You Shouldn’t Send Your Traffic to Facebook” by Bilal Jaffery on Social Media Today.

Is your brand “social media friendly”?

Consumed => “‘What’s in a Name?’ 7 Social Media Tips (via Shakespeare)” by Taryn Erickson on Social Media Today.

Do you market by fuzzy? Or market by the numbers?

Consumed => “Social Media ROI: You’re Popular? So What.” by Laura Nguyen on Social Media Today.

Social media tools to make you more productive

Consumed => “5 Productivity Tools for the Busy Social Media Manager” by Leo Widrich on Social Media Today.

Making the best of FB Page status updates

Consumed => “Anatomy of a Shared Link on Facebook” by Matt Sullivan on Social Media Today.

Focus, planning and purpose

Consumed => “10 Reasons to Eat ROI for Breakfast in Social Media” by Pam Moore on Social Media Today.

Echo Nest, a better music mouse trap?

Consumed => “The Echo Nest Makes Pandora Look Like a Transistor Radio” by David Zax on Fast Company.

Measure. Analyze. Understand. Repeat.

Consumed => “How Social Data Can Payoff Big When it Comes to Increased Conversions” by Mike Spataro on Social Media Today.

Fact: Most marketers are really just (random) messagers

Consumed => “9 Truths About Marketers” by Beth Harte on Social Media Today.

Before you design you should define

Consumed => “If You Connect with Website Visitors They Will Convert” by Rebecca Gill on Social Media Today.

Putting an end to the belief in more

Consumed => “Five Ways Brands Can Utilize Customized Landing Tabs To Generate More Fans On Facebook” by George Guildford on Social Media Today.

The Pentagon surrenders to social media?

Consumed => “Do Pentagon shifts signal the mainstreaming of social media?” by Rob Cottingham on Social Media Today.

50 WordPress Plugins for 2011

Bookmarked => “Top 50 WordPress Plugins for 2011 to Zoom SEO, SMO & Audience Engagement” by Pam Moore on Social Media Today.

Everything has a price, even free social media

Consumed => “Marketers start to realize that you need resources for social media” by Richard Meyer on Social Media Today.

Using quantity is a 20th Century myth

Consumed => “Hidden Failures – Abandoned Twitter Business Accounts” by Robert Bacal on Social Media Today.

The truth about communities

Consumed => “Company Towns Never Work: The Case for Third-Party Online Communities” by Jonathan Salem Baskin on Social Media Today.

Dummied down social media

Consumed => “About that whole transparency in social media thing…” by Steve Olenski on Social Media Today.

5 ways social media can improve your business

Consumed => “Make Your Business Better with Social Media” by Andrew Gall on Social Media Today.