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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Empathy and action are a marketers’ best friend

Consumed => “How to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competitors: What Makes YOU So Different?” by Matthew Grant on Marketing Profs.

Is your company’s website site increasing the value of Facebook’s IPO?

Consumed => “Is Social Media Killing the Website?” by Franz Keller on MarketingProfs.

10 tips on landing pages

Consumed => “5 Reasons Visitors Ditch Your Landing Page as Soon as They Get There” by Veronica Maria Jarski on Marketing Profs.

Marketing is about motivation

Consumed => “Know the 6 Stages of Your Customers’ Purchase Process” by Gary Gebenlian on MarketingProfs.

So What?

Consumed => “Stop Surprising & Delighting Customers—Just Solve Their Problems!” by Linda Ireland on MarketingProfs.

The Myth of the Like

Consumed => “Please Like Us! (Are All Those Facebook ‘Likes’ Worth It?)” by Ekaterina Walter on MarketingProfs.

Empathy is key to effective communication

Consumed => “No Mind Melding Here: Don’t Assume Your Customers Know What You Know” by Elaine Fogel on Marketing Profs.

The 20 best FB Pages ideas in the world

Consumed => “10 Steps to Facebook Success for Your Non-Profit Organization” by John Haydon on Marketing Profs.

Build realistic relationships with Guests

Blogged => Alchemy United => “Marketing, Motivation & Being Human”

Like, Like and more Like

Consumed => “You’re Writing Ads…and You Didn’t Even Know It” by Veronica Maria Jarski on MarketingProfs.

Alien: Like Jaws on a spaceship

Consumed => “Get Your Stand-Out Ideas Accepted” by Paul Williams on MarketingProfs.

Influencers, Guests and red carpets

Consumed => “Customer Experience: Do You Roll Out the Red Carpet?” by Leigh Duncan-Durst on MarketingProfs.

11 Ways to improve your landing pages

Consumed => “7 Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages” by Megan Leap on Marketing Profs.

Fascination as a means to motivation

Consumed => “Fascinate: 7 Triggers to Persuasion & Captivation” by Helena Bouchez on Marketing Profs.

Debunking the myths of website success

Consumed => “5 Web-Development Myths Debunked” ” by Helena Bouchez on Marketing Profs.

No Pain. No Gain. No Risk. No Reward.

Consumed = > “Marketing: You Have to Put in the Work” by Elaine Fogel on Marketing Profs.

Keys to Success: Empathy. Culture. Be Authentic.

Consumed => “Walking a Mile in Their Customers’ Boots” by Jeanne Bliss on MarketingProfs.