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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

5 unspoken ways leadership, management & culture fail IT projects

Consumed => “Why Tech Projects Fail: 5 Unspoken Reasons” by Coverlet Meshing on InformationWeek.

When IT projects go wrong

Consumed => “CIO Profiles: Steve Mills Of Rackspace” on InformationWeek.

Big Data Brother or is it Big Brother Data?

Consumed => “The Internet Of Pointless, Perilous Things” by Thomas Claburn on InformationWeek.

Innovative ideas are cheap; execution is key

Consumed => “Innovative Ideas Are A Dime A Dozen” by John McGreavy on InformationWeek.

Dear CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, etc. you can’t have your cake and eat it too

Consumed => “Skills Shortage? Quit Whining” by Rob Preston on InformationWeek.

The what, why and how of a problem

Consumed => “Why P&G CIO Is Quadrupling Analytics Expertise” by Chris Murphy on InformationWeek.

Vision & innovation help but execution is what makes champions

Consumed => “The Ambush That Set Me Straight” by John McGreavy on InformationWeek.

Big data is nothing without big judgement

Consumed => “Why Big Data Doesn’t Always Equal Big Insight” by Shvetank Shah on InformationWeek.

Some horses just don’t want to drink

Consumed => “Language Of Social Sounds Too Soft To Business” by Rob Preston on InformationWeek.

Yes, but who leads the leaders?

Consumed => “Secret CIO: Speed To Market Battles Consensus-Building” by John McGreavy on InformationWeek.

A structure is only as good as its foundation

Consumed => “Global CIO: The Toyota-Microsoft Cloud Partnership Is A Big Deal” by Chris Murphy on InformationWeek.

IT Meets Marketing

Consumed => “IT And Marketing: How Digital Media’s Changing The Relationship” by Doug Henschen on Information Week.

Innovate or be (out) innovated

Consumed => “Global CIO: Cisco Zapped By Destructive Power Of Innovation” by Bob Evans on Information Week.

Technology is a means, not an ends

Consumed => “Global CIO: Apple iOS Crushes Google Android In Enterprise” by Bob Evan on Information Week.

IBM’s Watson to compete on Jeopardy

Consumed => “Inside Watson, IBM’s Jeopardy Computer” by Doug Henschen on InformationWeek.

The Year of Web Analytics

Consumed => “Web Analytics Handbook” by Jim Rapoza on Information Week.

Even the big dogs have frustrations

Consumed => “3 Things That Frustrate P&G CIO Filippo Passerini” by Chris Murphy on InformationWeek.

Business by the numbers

Consumed => “Global CIO: The Rise Of Analytics Triggers The Fall Of The Tactical CIO” by Bob Evans on CIO.

The USA’s myth as an innovator

Consumed => “Innovation Mandate: Does America Have The Fire For Innovation?” by Rob Preston on

InformationWeek on the BlackBerry Playbook

Consumed => “First Impressions Of BlackBerry PlayBook” by Eric Zeman on