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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Perhaps No (Tech) Bubble Isn’t a Good Thing?

Consumed => “Seven Takeaways from Marc Andreessen’s Interview With Peter Thiel” by Cameron Albert-Deitch via Inc.

8 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Page

Consumed => “5 Clever Hacks to Beat the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm for More Fan Engagement” By Larry Kim on Inc Magazine.

Great Websites for Entrepreneurs (Sept 2014)

Bookmarked => 50 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs by Drew Hendricks on Inc Magazine.

It’s not: just-snap-your-fingers-and-add-water. What is “it”?

Consumed => “How to Get Media Coverage for Your Startup Launch by Zach Kitschke on Inc Magazine.

The Audacious Mr. Mark Cuban

Consumed => “How to Build an Audacious Company, According to Mark Cuban” by Scott Leibs on Inc Magazine.

Two things every entrepreneur should know

Consumed => “Learning to Love Being In Over Your Head” by Thomas Goetz (@TGoetz) on Inc Magazine.

Communication: Make it “impossible to misunderstand”

Consumed => “A Micromanager’s Guide to Trust” by Scot Leibs on Inc.

Let’s Hear It for the Underdogs

Consumed => “Malcolm Gladwell on the Power of Entrepreneurial Underdogs” by Leigh Buchanan on Inc Magazine.

Competition is the Best Thing for Your Business

Consumed => “Why Competition May Be the Best Thing for Your Business” By Jill Krasny on Inc Magazine.

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it

Consumed => “Interview of Malcolm Gladwell: What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Underdogs” by Issie Lapowsky on Inc.

The six myths of innovation

Consumed => “Debunking the Myth of Innovation” by Adam Bluestein on Inc Magazine.

Great teams just don’t happen (they are architected)

Consumed => “5 Ways to Build a Better Team” by Peter Economy on Inc.

Creating a brand that sizzles takes a tremendous amount of effort

Consumed => “Behind the Scenes of a Hot Nightclub Business” on Christina DesMarais on Inc.

Survey says: I’m a Creative Builder

Consumed => “Quiz: What kind of leader are you?” on Inc Magazine.

Build a better brainstorm

Consumed => “7 Unique Brainstorming Techniques” on Inc.

The next big thing: virtual desktop

Consumed => “7 Ways to Work From Anywhere” by John Warrillow on Inc.

6 thoughts on launching an e-business

Consumed => “The Easiest Way to Launch an E-business” by Renee Oricchio on Inc.

The 7 deadly sins of startups

Consumed => “7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Up” on Inc.

Quality crowds and quality events

Consumed=> “How to Get the Best Crowd at Your Event” by Gabrielle M. Blue on Inc.