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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Willpower Alone Isn’t Enough

Consumed => “6 Keys To Change Management: Why Willpower Alone Isn’t Enough” by Ken Krogue on Forbes.

“It’s not about making content. It’s about making content that matters.”

Consumed => “Secrets To Great Content Marketing: Value, Place, And Being The Best” by Jay Baer on Forbes.

This is your brain on thinking

Consumed => “How To Stop Your Mind From Working Too Hard” by Ben Thomas on Forbes.

Making good from “Breaking Bad”

Consumed => “Seven Leadership Tips From Breaking Bad’s Vince Gilligan” – Allen St. John (Forbes)

Imagine if Facebook were reality

Consumed => “46 Things We’ve Learned From Facebook Studies” by Kashmir Hill on Forbes.

Big Storage, Big Data and Big Information

Consumed => “Industry Atlas” on Forbes.

Summer reading list for the business-minded

FYI => “The Best New Books On The Creative Economy” by Steve Denning on Forbes.

To sell potential is human

Consumed => “The Surprising Secret to Selling You” by Heidi Grant Halvorson on Forbes.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t about taking risks, it’s about…

Consumed => “Why Business Plans Don’t Work And “Pivoting” Is Nonsense” by Kathy Caprino on Forbes.

10 great quotes from Abe Lincoln

Consumed => “Lincoln: 10 Quotes From One of the World’s Great Leaders” by Erika Andersen on Forbes.

The right technology requires the right culture

Consumed => “Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends For 2013” by Eric Savitz on Forbes.

Is your product / brand like being a DJ?

Consumed => “Jeff Mills: Artist, Producer, DJ and Entrepreneur” by Tamara Warren on Forbes.

WordPress Rules The Web. (So Where’s The Money?)

Consumed => “WordPress: The Internet’s Mother Tongue” by J.J. Colao on Forbes.

Nest’s Tony Fadell: Great Experience = Riches

Consumed => “Nest Labs Brings Apple Magic To Thermostats” by Rich Karlgaard on Forbes.

Teach your browser to practice safe surf

Consumed => “How To Thwart Hackers And Dictators With One Free Download” by J.J. Colao on Forbes.

If you’re not talking to them then they aren’t your customers

Consumed => “Steve Blank Introduces Scientists To A New Variable: Customers” by J.J. Colao on Forbes.

Don’t lower the price, change the context

Consumed => “Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso: Fashion’s New Phenom” by Victoria Barret on Forbes.

Think outside the blocks

Consumed => “How A Geek Dad And His 3D Printer Aim To Liberate Legos” by Andy Greenberg on Forbes.

The future will never be the past

Consumed => “In Mississippi, Toyota Tests Radical Redesign For Factories And Itself” by Micheline Maynard on Forbes.

Google: The plan is not to over-plan

Consumed => “Google Restarts M&A Plan, Gets Ready To Buy” by Connie Guglielmo on Forbes.