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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Consumed => “The 8 Traits of Customer-Relevant Companies” by Leonard Klie on CRM Magazine.

Word of mouth is a function of quality of product

Consumed => “Boost Brand Advocates and Social Media Influencers” by Judith Aquino on CRM Magazine.

Don Peppers, Martha Rogers and “Extreme Trust”

Consumed => “Don Peppers and Martha Rogers: Customer Relationships and Extreme Trust by Judith Aquino on Destination CRM.

Seven essential strategies for success

Consumed => “Making a Case for Discipline(s)” by Moira Dorsey & Megan Burns on Destination CRM.

Ask the right questions about your analytics/data

Consumed => “The Trouble with Traffic. What retailers can learn from baseball.” by Mark Ryski on Destination CRM.

Content continues to be king

Consumed => “Creative SEO Strategies Lead to Ringing Results” by Judith Aquino on Destination CRM.

Another vote for Yammer

Consumed => “The 2011 CRM Rising Stars” by the Editors of CRM magazine on Destination CRM.

You don’t have a brand unless you have brand champions

Consumed => “Marketing to Communities” by Brittany Farb on Destination CRM.

Listening is a powerful tool and it’s free too

Consumed => “Companies That Listen Get Results” by Leonard Klie on Destination CRM.

Don’t just use the CRM tool, use it correctly

Consumed => “Turbocharging CRM with Good Data” by Jim Dickie on Destination CRM.

Is your brand just a click away from oblivion?

Consumed => “eSurvivor: Commerce Challenge” by Paul Korzeniowski on Destination CRM.

10 reasons to dislike The Like

Consumed => “Social Media’s Advocacy Paradox” by Carolyn Heller Baird on Destination CRM.

The benefits of predictive analytics

Consumed => “CRM + Predictive Analytics: Why It All Adds Up” by Eric Barkin on Destination CRM.

Are you selling something worth buying?

Consumed => “There’s No Substitute for Experience” by Lior Arussy on Destination CRM.

Measurement matters

Consumed => “Web Analytics: What’s Worth Paying For?” by Paul Hyman on DestinationCRM.

The medium is the frequency of message

Consumed => “Companies Need to Make Better Friends” by Brittany Farb on Destination CRM.

What color is your social media strategy?

Consumed => “Pick a Strategy Before It Picks You” by Robert Wollan on Destination CRM.

How did they Like you then?

Consumed => “Supplying the Law of Demand” by Denis Pombriant on Destination CRM.

Putting an end to the belief in more – Part 2

Here’s a great article from Destination CRM that supports the perspective I advanced while commenting on the article by George Guildford on Social Media Today a couple days ago.

I said it before (and I’ll say it again), be proactive!

Consumed => “Proactive: Take the Initiative” by Lauren McKay on Destination CRM.