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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Dear CIO: 30 Minutes Does Not a Trend Make

Consumed => “How CIOs Can Become Business Heroes” by Michael Hugos on CIO.

The consequence of decisions and answers without context

Consumed => “CIOs Must Learn the Politics of No” by Kim S. Nash on CIO Magazine.

Or is the talent lacking at the top?

Consumed => “CIOs Struggle with the Great Talent Hunt” by Stephanie Overby on CIO Magazine.

A winning playbook

Consumed => “Mobile, Analytics Help Sports Industry Score More Sales” by Lauren Brousell and Kim S. Nash on CIO Magazine.

New year, new ways of thinking

Consumed => “CIOs Need to Learn New Ways of Thinking” by Madeline Weiss, June Drewry on CIO Magazine.

Engagement leads to innovation

Consumed => “Interview: George Kohlrieser – What IT Leaders Can Learn From Hostage Negotiators” by Kim S. Nash on CIO Online

10 things CIOs want to know before going with a startup vendor

Consumed => “Ten Questions to Ask Before Using a Startup” by Stephanie Overby on CIO.

Project Management success: 15 must-know best practices

Consumed => “12 Common Project Management Mistakes–and How to Avoid Them” by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff on CIO.

By definition a servant who says no is no servant at all

Consumed => “How to Keep Cloud Projects Agile, Simple” by David Taber on CIO.

What they really, really, really want does not equal business needs

Consumed => “CIOs: Will You Be Relevant in 2017?” by Adam Hartung on CIO Magazine.

Leadership and management by proxy?

“5 Ways CIOs Benefit From Facetime with Customers” by Kim S. Nash on CIO Mag.

Improve your negotiation skills

Consumed => “7 Career Tips to Help You Negotiate Better” by Kristin Burnham on CIO Magazine. => My value add (i.e., left a comment) 6.5) Understand what motivates the other party. For example (and admittedly not an ideal example), you might offer to work nights and weekend (i.e., more) when in fact the other […]

Technology is a means, not an ends – Part 253

Consumed => “How to Create Digital Products That Customers Love” by Greg Laugero on CIO Magazine.

No ROI? No Problem

Consumed => “Why Patagonia Opts for a Wacky EBay Storefron” by Michael Ybarra on CIO Mag.

In case you need a resolutions reminder

Consumed => “New Year’s Resolutions 2012” by Michael Friedenberg on CIO Magazine.

Yammer your way to a more effective 2012

Consumed => “Yammer On: The Inside Scoop on Nationwide’s Social Networking Project” by Kim S. Nash on CIO.

You can’t change what you don’t understand

Consumed => “Umair Haque: Your Next Competitive Advantage” by Kim S. Nash on CIO.

Apps and add-ons that make Chrome better

Consumed => “21 Chrome Web Apps for Serious Work” by Michelle Mastin on CIO.

Vanguard Knows Your Voice

Consumed => “2011 CIO 100: How Three Companies Are Using IT to Rethink Consumer Services” by Lauren Brousell on CIO.

Static is not an option

Consumed => “How Do You Generate Innovative Ideas? Highlight Examples From Your Team” by Joe Eng on CIO.