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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

The Moment of Clarity

Consumed => “Heidegger’s Marketing Secrets: What German Philosophers Know About Selling TVs” by Drake Bennett on Businessweek.

Making Negative into a Positive

Consumed => “Why Negativity Is Really Awesome” by Megan McArdle on Businessweek.

“Think until it hurts”

Consumed => “Gary Friedman: Fixer Upper” by Susan Berfield on Businessweek.

The First Credible Post-Email Collaboration Application?

Consumed => “Fix This Workplace: How Does Email Still Exist?” feat. Justin Rosenstein (of Asana) on Businessweek.

The next Steve Jobs? What about the next Bill Gates?

Consumed => “Bill Gates on His Foundation’s Health and Education Campaigns” by Brad Stone on Businessweek.

10,000 hours later you are still going to be you

Consumed => “Book Review: ‘The Sports Gene’ by David Epsteiny” by Bryant Urstadt on Businessweek.

What you’re selling vs what people are buying

Consumed => “J.C. Penney Rehires Myron Ullman to Clean Up Ron Johnson’s Mess” by Susan Berfield on Businessweek.

Es Devlin: Reimagining pop

Consumed =>”Es Devlin Reimagines the Live Show for Kanye West” by Alex Needham on Businessweek.

Saving retail by improving The Guest Experience

Consumed => “Continuum Redesigns Audi’s Car Dealership Experience” by Bob Parks on Businessweek.

“…either you cannibalize yourself or someone else is going to do it.”

Consumed => “Interview: John Donahoe (eBay CEO)” by Charlie Rose on Businessweek.

Those thousand painted words could be lies

Consumed => “How Graphics Can Save Lives” by Martin Krzywinski on Businessweek.

“Move Fast and Break Things”

Consumed => “Facebook: The Making of 1 Billion Users” by Ashlee Vance on Businessweek.

Apple’s Tim Cook and the magic spin machine

Consumed => “Mapping a Path Out of Steve Jobs’s Shadow” by Brad Stone, Adam Satariano, and Peter Burrows on Businessweek.

Watch your back QR codes, here comes NFC tags

Consumed => “NFC Stickers Make Smartphones Smarter” by Olga Kharif on Businessweek.

The beginning of the end for QR Codes?

Consumed => “QR Code Fatigue” by Mark Milian on Businessweek.

Meetings + Makers == Sub-optimal

Consumed => “Startups’ War on Meetings” by Mark Milian on Businessweek.

How to design a logo

Consumed => “How to Design a Logo” by Sagi Haviv on Business Week.

Because it’s not about price, it’s about value

Consumed => “JC Penney vs. The Bargain Hunters” by Susan Berfield on Business Week.

The day after the music died

Consumed => “Helping Indie Musicians Market Their Tunes” by John Tozzi, Nick Leiber and Siobhan Crise on Business Week.

No more haystacks, just needles

Consumed => “Drugmakers Mine Data for Trial Patients” by Carol Eisenberg on Business Week.