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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

SEO – It Grows On Trees, Right?

Consumed => “30 Content SEO, Marketing, Creation, Strategy & Promotion Insights + Resources” by Tad Chef on

The values comes first the SEO follows. In design we say form follows function. In SEO we could say SEO follows content. It’s not that simple though. SEO and content are intertwined. You don’t create content first and think of the SEO later. You think strategically. What content can improve my SEO?

Yes, very true. This holistic  approach also extends all the way back to the site’s IA (Information Architecture), it’s design and how it is developed. Heck, SEO considerations even relate to PPC and Quality Score. What is Quality Score if not a page ranking, right? These things all coexist within the same skin. They are not independent but very integrated. I wish I had a buck for every (potential) client, developer or designer who believed otherwise. It’s 2010, how could they still? Baffles the mind, eh?

“I just need some SEO…” When they’re that out of the loop, “It’s not that simple…” isn’t an answer they want to hear let alone are in a mindset to understand.

If content is king, viral content is the emperor. Viral content is the ultimate kind of content.

To put it kindly, this is an oversimplification. The internet is now a quest for quality world. The old media wide shot gun approach is no more. It’s not how it spreads or where it spreads but to who it spreads with. How many of those guests are the people you wish to attract? How many of them are interested in your brand? Raw quantity is truthfully meaningless. Maybe not useless, but as a true measure of success, it is probably meaningless at this point.

And I even managed to leave a comment…

Nice round up, thanks.

I’d like to offer one tweak. Content is not king, the user/consumer/visitor/guest is. It is they who determine the value of a site and it’s content. Even Google says to design for your users, not for SEO. Google might make the suggestion but The Guest gets the final say.

I agree 100% of the holistic mindset you promote but to that i-ecosystem I’d like to suggest the site not be removed from the audience.

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