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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Quora is for the curious and the generous

Answered => “What turns people off about Quora?” on Quora

=> My answer…

Re: “I’ve invited smart, knowledgeable people to Quora, but…”

Don’t take this the wrong way but this is somewhat typical of a fair number of questions I see on Quora. That is, the initial assumption is off target.

Smart and knowledgeable is not the same as curious (to the point of being thirsty) and generous. My interpretation is Quora-ites are more the latter than the former. In other words, if you’re book smart, think you know it all, and can’t be bothered to share your thoughts with total strangers then Quora isn’t for you.

Perhaps you should post the question: Where can I get new more Quora-esque friends? :)

=> I also left a few comments that I’d like to share here:

—@Jeanie Straub

Re: “Unless the person giving the answer is an expert or works in that field…”

Can you do me a favor Jeanie Straub? Can you get them to define expert? Do they mean like the kind who work on Wall Street? Or cared for Michael Jackson? As for the value of in that field, would politicians be a good example for them? Or maybe the coaching staff at Penn State?

The point of Quora (for me) is that there is a MASSIVE amount of outstanding awareness and knowledge outside the traditional silos. Sure, there’s some shite here. But where isn’t that true? There’s crap in libraries as well. For example, Sarah Palin ‘ s “Rogue” ;) Or just about any mainstream publication is of questionable value any more.

If the job of a librarian is to harvest information and serve those in need of those jewels, then like it or not Quora probably beats the local newspaper 8 of 10 times. “Refuting” things like Quora is blow to the beauty of the personal quest for knowledge itself. That’s sad.

—@Lisa Galarneau

Greetings Lisa Galarneau I’d like to suggest you post this question on Quora: How do I monetize my contributions to Quora?

Moi? Most of my work related Quora answers also become posts in my work-stream “blog”. Why? Because I see these things as a reflection of my “chops”. Read a resume? Ha! Why?!?! Don’t ten Quora answers paint a more accurate picture?

I would also say – and I don’t consider myself a power user – I make approx one “valued connection” per week. Quora is a classic “gentlemen’s agreement.” Sure you give, but you also get. How you utilize those tools is up to you.

Not to worry, this answer is free. Or at the very least, you owe me one. Cheers.

—@Domhnall O’Huigin

Basically, you want to ban passive aggressive questions on Quora (which are not questions at all but thinly veiled statements).

FWIW…I’m with ya Domhnall O’Huigin :)

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