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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

It’s time to stop marketing wants disguised as needs

Consumed => “Needs and wants are often confused” by Seth Godin on his blog

Seth says, “It’s our hardwired instinct to seek to fill unmet needs.” Well, yes by definition that’s what makes a need a need, isn’t it?

Beyond that, what I believe Seth is missing is that the lexicon of wants vs needs is shifting. The fact is, no one NEEDS a television or just about anything else marketers are peddling these days. A growing number of people are finally coming to terms with that. What they’re realizing is that a TV is a want. Spin it anyway possible but it is still a want—and they know it. Happiness and satisfaction is a need. And all the consumption in the world isn’t going to make a want satisfy like a need.

Going forward companies that enable people to discover and engage with their needs are going to be more successful than the companies pushing traditional wants disguised  as needs  (via a  transaction benefits the company more than the buyer). I realize this all sounds a bit fuzzy and perhaps right now it is. But sooner or later the answer is going to resolve back to oneself , which is not to be confused with being selfish. Obviously, I am showing the effects of having just finished reading “The Leaderless Revolution.” More on that book coming soon.

  1. I love this quote of Gil Elbaz of Factual from the ny times:

    “Having money is overrated when you are brought up not to believe you are entitled to it,” he says. “You can make enough money to not need things, or you can just not need things.”

    Elbaz is sovling problems with a P. Making loot is just a consequence of being good at the problem solving.

  2. Chief Alchemist

    Yes, great quote and a great article as well. Thx for sharing Alberto.

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