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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Exposure is a game played by fools

Consumed => “10 Places to Use Your Logo to Maximize Your Brands Exposure” by Jana T on SpeckyBoy.

Left a comment (in reply to another comment)…

That’s an interesting point. Now please allow me to offer an alt-view of this.Nothing personal, of course.

If you’re building a brand then promote the brand. If you’re promoting yourself, then you should promote yourself. Duh? That said, people also respond to babies and cute animals but I don’t think any of us are willing to say that’s wise, eh?

For example, what’s-his-face from Mashable uses his personal photo and not the Mashable logo on Twitter. Personally, that doesn’t make sense to me. In fact, it kinda reeks of the old real estate agent myth of having to have your face on your biz card. Because people will trust you. Really? Then why doesn’t everyone and their mum have their face on their biz card?

Regardless IMHO, this is all (once again) a misguided discussion.. Let’s face it, week after week it’s the same discussion. That is, how to get high quality clients/projects. Ya all go for all the “exposure” you want. And yes please worry about people (read: all people) responding to your photo. If that’s your plan, then run with it.

Moi? I’m looking for the right people, the right clients and the right projects. If I find that comes from a photo, then so be it. However, if they’re picking me because of my photo and not because of the content I push out (e.g., this long wind winded comment; lol) then doesn’t that sound like a red flag? This isn’t, is it?

As subtle as that point might be there’s a difference between a (old media-esque) shotgun blast (appealing to all) and contemporary sniper fire (forever questing for quality). A difference that IMHO influences mindset and in turn cascades through other down stream decisions. Don’t be fooled. Again?

In summary, the myth is incorrect, it’s not about exposure. If you want exposure, just walk out your front door, stand in the middle of the street and drop your trousers. hehe. The Holy Grail is about being remembered for the right reasons by the right people. Right?

My point is, next time your find yourself unsatisfied with the amount of time you spend “responding” and “responding” and “responding” then keep in mind that the road taken was for “people respond better” instead of “better people responding”. Pardon me if it seems like I’m mincing words, but these things matter.

Finally, a logo is just a symbol. It in and of itself is meaningless. It’s value is defined by what is behind it. A great logo does not make a company great. Not at all. Great companies create great meaning and that meaning comes to be represented in their logo. To those who believe that the key to success is splattering your logo everywhere then I’d like to suggest you think again.

Rant over. Back to work!

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