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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Everything has a price, even free social media

Consumed => “Marketers start to realize that you need resources for social media” by Richard Meyer on Social Media Today.

Left a comment…

Thanks Richard. And while this is certainly not directed at you and this post (which I did enjoy), I have to tell you that I fell off my chair laughing.

1) I agree that the internet is the best thing since sliced bread. That said, there is still no such thing as free lunch. Why anyone in the business side of the world expected otherwise is beyond me. Results out is still a function of quality and quantity in.

2) Lowerer barriers to entry translates to more participants. More participants translates to more noise. Yet my sense is there are still a very high percentage of marketers (?) and brands who believe they are the only ones conversing. Their naiveté has them believing that anyone who clicked their Like button is now anxiously awaiting the brand’s next broadcast. They also believe that everyone who is a Like will see what the brand pushes out. Really?

3) Being (young? and) comfortable with a tool (e.g. social media), and being able to use that means to accomplish a business ends are two very seperate things. Yet your chat with the recruiter shows that companies continue to expect otherwise. (Sure some have wised up by many continue to float junior level postions with the expectation of googol-esque results. Fair enough. But they are also stumped as you why they’re not getting something for nothing.) My point is, I know plenty of 5 year olds who know how to swing a hammer. But even at 50 cents an hour I wouldn’t hire them to build a house. Again, anyone worth their buisness weight in cookies should know better.

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