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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Launched: Shanachie Entertainment’s new website

FYI => I’m a bit late on announcing this proper but… Launched: Shanachie Entertainment’s new website. Falco Design’s client. FD did the PM, design and majority of the markup.  I was contracted for the ExpressionEngine development slice. Also, along the way my jquery plugin ezPagination was envisioned, coded and added to the mix. Please […]

Look ma! I did the EE dev for…

FYI => Look ma! I did some of that—the CMS web dev / ExpressionEngine part. I’m going to do a formal “launched” post in soon. But until then I figured I should mention that Shanachie Entertainment’s press release made it Yahoo News. My slice was the ExpressionEngine development and a bit of jquery. […]

Transformation of 21plus nearly complete

FYI => The enhancements to are nearly complete. Sometimes I forget just how robust and flexible ExpressionEngine really is. I actually just learned another new trick. Fancy that!

Coming soon…21 Plus 2.0

FYI => The call yesterday with 21 Plus and Falco Design went extremely well. After some follow-up discussion I scoped out their needs, proposed a couple solutions—because that is what I do—and almost immediately the reply was, “Let’s do it”.

Time to dust off the ExpressionEngine skills

FYI => Just finished up a (goto) meeting with 21 Plus and Falco Design. Time to dust off the ExpressionEngine skills. It looks like there might be a healthy list of enhancements coming from 21 Plus.

Compiling a user friendly SEO list

FYI => Writing “Intro to SEO” guidelines for Falco Design and their clients.

Progress is not a four letter word

Some things never change, and that can be confusing, if not frustrating. Today was one of those days.

Copywriting for landing pages

Consumed => “Conversion Heroes Part 1: Copywriting for Landing Pages – An Interview with Roberta Rosenberg” by Oli Gardner on

More landing page design intelligence

Consumed => “Web Design Tips for Landing Pages”on

Building better landing pages

The business need is to architect highly efficient pay per click (PPC) landing pages.

Cranking up the Falco marketing machine

While the PPC CTR is healthy, we’ve both come to believe that landing pages crafted for traffic that comes in via PPC is what FD needs.

PPC management update

No time for in depth details, sorry. Both FD’s and OSW’s PPC efforts are holding their own.

Cream & Cookies

Quick update on some odds & ends for FD.

Copywriting For FD: The Sequel

Time to redigest the FD site, dust off the copy writing skills and do the write ups.

I Love Progression

Reviewed FD’s email blast introduction letter and made recommendations.

Quick Follow Up With FD

After taking the weekend to digest the matters at hand, I just sent a list of questions, thoughts and recommendations to FD.

Things Are Building Up Nicely at FD

Team marketing meeting at FD went well. Sitting still is not an option.

ExpressionEngine: Low’s Seg2Cat Extension

Low’s Seg2Cat is a must have in anyone’s EE tool box. Love it!