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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Clients & Projects: AU_WPing

WordPress plug-in under the Alchemy United imprint.

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You know it’s a good week when…

FYI => You know it’s a good week when you leave a comment on an article by (Googler and author) Avinash Kaushik on his Occam’s Razor blog and he emails a personal reply.

Kevin Rose and MyAOLFriendsterFaceSpaceBook

Consumed => “How To Build An Audience On The Internet: The Kevin Rose School Vs. The Fred Wilson School” by Tom Anderson on TechCrunch.

Killington Year Round reaches a higher high

FYI => Big day for Killington Year Round today. The local organization in charge of economic development and tourism contributed their first post to KYR. I also moved the Summer design skin into place.

WP plugin AU_WPing v0.8.5 now in beta

FYI => This morning with my morning coffee(s) I sneaked in a couple tasty tweaks to my WordPress social media plugin AU_WPing. Version v0.8.5 is now in beta.

Two steps forward, one step back

FYI => Today was a double barrel day. In order to make the official press release announcement of on Killington Year Round I had to put AU_WPing thought a live “test.”

AU_WPing adds Featured Image functionality

FYI => Attaching an image to an AU_WPing message has never been ideal. Basically, (inWordPress admin) it was Media > Add New and then copy/paste that URL into a post meta field. Clunky, but it worked. Thankfully, good things come to those who wait.

Look ma, WordPress Featured Image

FYI => Slowly I turn the AU_Community theme (for WordPress) screw. While I prefer a mostly text driven site, I’m having a growing appreciate for the art of the thumbnail. “Let’s add a post level image to AU_Community,” I said to myself. stalls just short of the starting gate

FYI => Today was supposed to be sprint for the finish line day for – The World’s First Vermont-centric URL Shortener. Sprint I did. Unfortunately it was into a 100MPH headwind.

Perfecting the lost art of the press release

Consumed => “How to Perfect Your Press Releases” by Rachel McCombie on SEOptimize. almost to public beta

FYI => Decided to tackle one or two more rounds of tweaks and enhancements for before I go public beta with it.

AU_WPing does press releases too

FYI – Updated KYR with the latest version of AU_WPing. Added close to a couple dozen publications to the press release list. Next week the press release functionality gets its first live run.

Simple PHP email validation function

FYI => I don’t profess to be a PHP guru so I could be slightly off target on this one. But best I can tell there isn’t a native function in plain vanilla PHP that returns a boolean on the validity of an email address.

AU_WPing enhanced again(v0.8.3)

FYI => Jammed in a couple nifty tweaks to my WordPress plugin AU_WPing.

AU_WPing 0.8.1 (and why WordPress annoys me)

FYI => After doing some additional reading on writing/distributing press releases it became apparent AU_WPing was in need of another round of enhancements. The annoyance came when…

Expanded character limit on FB Page status updates

FYI => I’ve been doing some experimenting with AU_WPing. When using Via Email, it appears that Facebook will accept a Page status update of at least 500 characters.

WP plugin AU_WPing v0.8.0 now in beta

FYI => The social media power tool AU_WPing just received a couple additional tweaky enhancements.

What’s new in WordPress 3.1

Consumed => “Outstanding new features of WordPress 3.1” on WordPress Arena.

The best just got better, AU_WPing v.0.7.9

FYI => Added a fistful of parameters to make repeat tweeting of the same post/URL easier.

Higher! Higher!! AU_WPing v0.7.8

Yesterday morning as a warm up to the Super Bowl I decided to take AU_WPing up another notch.

Logo design: Xero Xero Five

I believe XX5 has made a New Year’s resolution. There’s now commitment and budget to make the final push for beta and then launch.