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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Building a better conversions mouse trap

Answered => “Should I display our SaaS pricing on the homepage?” on Quora.

=> My answer…

You have four segments:

A) People who can’t afford you. Period.
B) People who can afford you but were planning to spend less.
C) People who were expecting to pay what you charge.
D) People who were expecting to pay more. Note: While perhaps minimal, they could perceive a lower than expected price as some sort of compromise. With that said, I’m going to KISS and leave this group out of the rest of the answer.

1) So now we must ask, how big is each group? If your marketing (be it print, social media, PCC or SEO, etc.) tends to draw Group A then you’re in for a rough ride. On the other hand, if you’re drawing mostly Group C, then you’re golden. My point being, you’ll get better results if you start with more appropriate traffic. Duh? Perhaps, but also often overlooked. It also leads me to…

2) With that being said, perhaps the landing page(s) should be tuned / targeted for each segment? Yes, you can and should use A/B but it should probably be applied in the content of the segments listed above. Going for OSFA (one size fits all) probably isn’t optimal.

For example, one of the marketing messages for Group B might be, “We’re more expensive but we’re better. Here’s why…” And then you’d address those concerns head-on. On the other hand perhaps the search keywords are “Best ______” (with _____ being your product / service). Clearly those searching as such probably have different info expectations and will land on a different inner page than the previous PPC (?) example.

3) Keep in mind, Contrary to Anna Talerico proposal, there is no home page, at least not any more. The first page the prospect lands on is the home page, as far as they are concerned. Search typically bypasses the home page 99% of the time. And if your marketing is saying “Go to our website for more info” instead of “Go to” then you’re in the wrong game in the wrong year ;)

In short, my point is, to take a step back and then structure the site to fit the various realities of the market, and the various ways prospects might be coming to the site. Once you have those “landing areas” then fire up the A/B testing *process* and analytcs yourself til you drop.

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