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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Archive for July, 2011

Social media truths that aren’t true

Consumed => “Five Truths About Social Media Marketing” by Greg Lieber on Entrepreneur.

5 common SEO beliefs get myth busted

Answered => “What’s the worst SEO advice you’ve ever heard?” on Quora.

Friends with investors and their benefits

Answered => “If a friend connects you to an investor who funds your startup, are you obligated to share some equity or cash with the friend who made the introduction?” on Quora.

How Bing made Jay-Z famous?

Consumed => “Six Steps to Successful Sponsorships” by William Rosen and Laurence Minsky on HBR.

Get more done in less time

Consumed => “Is Better Task Management on Your To-Do List?” by David H. Freedman on NY Times.

A perfect example of why old media continues to fail online

FYI => At the end of the Forbes’ article I posted last night was a single line about a special section they have on “the intersection of data and business.” Perfect I think, until I get there. Then it was massive disappointment.

Bring on the clowns (then show them the data)

Consumed => “What’s a ‘Like’ Worth?” by Jon Bruner on Forbes.

Wow! Yesterday was a great day

FYI => Yesterday was certainly a great day. Picked up another project via Danielle Gletow from OSW. However, this one is not OSW related. Danielle does some marketing consulting from time to time, aside from fulfilling her Executive Director duties at OSW. She got a client…It’s on!!!

Coming soon…21 Plus 2.0

FYI => The call yesterday with 21 Plus and Falco Design went extremely well. After some follow-up discussion I scoped out their needs, proposed a couple solutions—because that is what I do—and almost immediately the reply was, “Let’s do it”.

Project Management (on a Budget) for Dummies

Blogged => “Fast. Cheap. Right. Pick Two and a Half” on Alchemy United.

In times of uncertainty, action cures fear

Consumed => “Five Tips for Coping with Uncertainty – and Finding Opportunity” by Rosabeth Moss Kanter on HBR.

Domino’s in Times Square: transparency or silly?

Consumed => “Pie In The Sky? Domino’s Flips Switch On Times Square Instant Reviews, Takes Transparency To New Level” by Chikodi Chima on Fast Company.

WP Validate is almost ready for primetime

FYI => As weekends go this past 72 or so hours have been good for my WordPress plugin WP Validate. It’s not moving spectacularly fast but the progress is steady and the results very impressive.

Agreement on the business driver is essential

Consumed => “Selling Agile to the CFO and Funding Agile Projects” by Peter on Agile Scout.

7 tips for podcasts and podcasters

Consumed => “Small Business Podcasting: 7 Tips to Grow Your Listener Base” by Mignon Fogarty on Mashable.

Free sells (but does it lead to more sales?)

Consumed => “How Much Money Do You Make?” by David Meerman Scott on EContent Mag.

Search Engine Optimization in 10 basic steps

Blogged => “Client-friendly SEO guidelines – Part 3” on Alchemy United.

Is your marketing and sales pitch off target?

Consumed => “Getting Customers to Choose You” by Art Markman on HBR.

So What?

Consumed => “Stop Surprising & Delighting Customers—Just Solve Their Problems!” by Linda Ireland on MarketingProfs.

Beatin’ the heat with cool coding cats

Consumed => “8 New and amazing WordPress hacks” by Jean-Baptiste Jung on Cats Who Code.