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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Archive for June, 2011

More on Vaynerchuk and social-media ‘clowns’

Consumed => “Gary Vaynerchuk Why He Calls Social-Media Pros ‘Clowns'” with Bryan Elliott on Entrepreneur.

10 client-friendly SEO tips – Part 1

Blogged => “Client-friendly SEO guidelines – Part 1” on Alchemy United.

Web Analytics (An Hour A Day) – Chapter 3

Consumed => “Web Analytics (An Hour A Day) – Chapter 3 (Overview of Qualitative Analysis)” by Avinash Kaushik.

Static is not an option

Consumed => “How Do You Generate Innovative Ideas? Highlight Examples From Your Team” by Joe Eng on CIO.

Is your brand just a click away from oblivion?

Consumed => “eSurvivor: Commerce Challenge” by Paul Korzeniowski on Destination CRM.

Even data has its limits

Consumed => “Using Enterprise Data to Fuel New Business Ideas” by Joab Jackson on CIO.

Dear Borders – FusterCluck (The Squel)

FYI => A quick follow up to yesterday’s Border’s fiasco with a semi-happy ending. Kinda?

Another one of The C Words…Culture

Consumed => “10 Great Entrepreneurial Places to Work” series of articles on New York Enterprise Report.

Dear Borders – Your website is a mess

FYI => Over the weekend tipped me off to a 40% off list price coupon. I’ve had my eye on Avinash Kaushik – “Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability & Science of Customer Centricity”. I figured I’d grab it. And then the fustercluck began…

Web Analytics (An Hour A Day) – Chapter 2

Consumed => “Web Analytics (An Hour A Day) – Chapter 2 (Data Collection—Importance and Options)” by Avinash Kaushik.

The impact of Google Panda on SEO

Consumed => “Whiteboard Friday: The effect of Google Panda on SEO” video by Rand Fishkin as posted on Chris Brogan’s blog.

WP plugin AU_WPing v0.8.5 now in beta

FYI => This morning with my morning coffee(s) I sneaked in a couple tasty tweaks to my WordPress social media plugin AU_WPing. Version v0.8.5 is now in beta.

Agile and change as a constant

Consumed => “Agile Web Development That Works” by Jason Mark on Six Revisions.

10 suggestions for Colorado Mountain Coffee

Consumed => “What’s Wrong With Colorado Mountain Coffee’s Web Site?” By Gabriel Shaoolian on NY Times.

3 (more) myths of social media

Consumed => “Should Every Business Invest in Social Media?” By MP Mueller on NY Times.

If I ruled the world (or at least MySpace)

Answered => “What would you do with MySpace if you’d just bought it?” on Quora.

But do great marketers have groupies?

Consumed => “Market Like a Rock Star” on Deliver Magazine.

Brown acid vs great marketing

Consumed => “Can the Dead Liven Up Your Marketing?” by Denise Crittendon on Deliver Magazine.

Interesting perspective on the Skype deal

Consumed => “Skype Me” by Eric Savitz on Forbes.

10 questions for building a great culture

Consumed => “A Great Health Club Culture Can Build Loyalty” by Blair McHaney on Club Industry.