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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Archive for February, 2011

What’s new in WordPress 3.1

Consumed => “Outstanding new features of WordPress 3.1” on WordPress Arena.

Google Analytics (3rd edition) – Chapter 16

Consumed => “Google Analytics (3rd edition) – Chapter 16 (Traffic Sources)” by Jerri Ledford, Joe Teixeia and Mary E. Tyler.

Big Brother is listening?

Consumed => “Making Call Centers Really Hum” by Christopher Steiner on Forbes.

Use ratios instead of raw quantities

Consumed => “Wealth and Fitness Secret – Ratios” by Rich Karlgaard on Forbes.

Inspiration and leadership from Applegate Farms

Blogged => Alchemy United => “Betting the Farm on Natural and Organic Foods,” NYReport interview of Stephen McDonnell.

Empathy is key to effective communication

Consumed => “No Mind Melding Here: Don’t Assume Your Customers Know What You Know” by Elaine Fogel on Marketing Profs.

Quora update

FYI => I’ve been dabbling with Quora more and more. In many ways it’s like blowing time on FB but the big difference is Quara has a purpose.

Even the number crunchers are getting social

Consumed => “Social-Media Frenzy” by David McCann on CFO Magazine.

Content by the numbers

Consumed => “Interview with ESPN’s CFO Christine Driessen” by David M. Katz on CFO Magazine.

Postling loves Killington Year Round

FYI => Just got off the phone with Julia at Postling. In the next couple days she’s going to turn the phone interview into a blog post.

Digital vs Paper, and which the brain values more

Consumed => “Does Paper Outweigh Digital?” by Roger Dooley on Neuromarketing.

Five steps to increasing your productivity

Consumed => “How To Quit Multitasking For Good In Five Steps” by Holly Green on Forbes.

Six tablets. One pick. Start here.

FYI => “Tablets, Compared” on NY Times.

Computer security is a full-time job

Consumed => “Frank Hayes: Sure, the cloud’s insecure; it’s like everything else” by Frank Hayes on ComputerWorld.

10 ways to discover innovative ideas

Consumed => “Three Ways to Find Fresh IT Ideas on the Cheap” by Rick Swanborg on CIO Mag. Plus six from yours truly

The 20 best FB Pages ideas in the world

Consumed => “10 Steps to Facebook Success for Your Non-Profit Organization” by John Haydon on Marketing Profs.

Yammer and Chatter: Better ways to collaborate

Email for collaboration and productivity is so 20th century, eh?

Speed kills. Intelligence thrills.

Consumed => “Next Level: Speed always impresses, but…” by Peter Keating on ESPN.

Taking WordPress taxonomies to the next level

FYI => Jammed in a couple cycles looking at XYDAC’s WordPress plug-in, Ultimate Taxonomy Manager.

Technology is a means, not an ends

Consumed => “Global CIO: Apple iOS Crushes Google Android In Enterprise” by Bob Evan on Information Week.