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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

SEO Myth-busting (Sept 2014)

Consumed => “7 Obsolete SEO Tactics You’re Wasting Your Time On” by Neil Patel on QuickSprout.

Mobile Web App Checklist

Consumed => “Mobile Web App Checklist” by Zach Smith and Eugene Butler on

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 6 (The Inner Rudder)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 6 (The Inner Rudder)” by Daniel Goleman.

Success is a Process

Consumed => “Client Education and Post-Launch Success” by Drew Thomas on A List Apart.

What Real Creativity Really Is

Consumed => “How to transform design limitations into design success” by Speider Schneider on Web Designer Depot.

Product Launch: WPezDeveloper (Alpha)

FYI => The destination idea is to curate a community (and associated content) of developers (and designers) who tend to lean on WordPress.

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 5 (Finding Balance)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 5 (Finding Balance)” by Daniel Goleman.

Be Honest With Yourself

Consumed => “7 pro tips for starting a new branding project” by Natasha Jen on The Creative Blog.

It’s not the 20th Century Anymore

Consumed => “How to Protect Yourself from Rogue WordPress Plugins” by Charles Costa on SitePoint.

Great Websites for Entrepreneurs (Sept 2014)

Bookmarked => 50 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs by Drew Hendricks on Inc Magazine.

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 4 (The Value of a Mind Adrift)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 4 (The Value of a Mind Adrift)” by Daniel Goleman.

Beyond the CSS Style Guide

Consumed => “CSS Audits: Taking Stock of Your Code” by Susan Robertson on A List Apart.

Product Manager: The Team is The Product

Consumed => “Why Companies Need Full-Time Product Managers (And What They Do All Day)” by Rian van der Merwe on Smashing Magazine.

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 3 (Attention Top and Bottom)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 3 (Attention Top and Bottom)” by Daniel Goleman.

New Logo: The World (My Remix)

FYI => I can’t share anything else about this project at this point, except the logo. So please stay tuned.

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 2 (Basics)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 2 (Basics)” by Daniel Goleman.

A Poverty of Attention

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 1 (The Subtle Faculty) ” by Daniel Goleman. Key takeaway #2.

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 1 (The Subtle Faculty)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 1 (The Subtle Faculty)” by Daniel Goleman.

Product Launch: WPezBoilerStrap Uno

FYI => Sometimes no time to spare and your back up against the proverbial wall forces you forward. The refactoring is complete. (Again.) Presenting the WordPress theme WPezBoilerStrap Uno.

Your Brain at Work (Scene 1) – David Rock

Consumed => “Your Brain and Work (Scene 1)” by David Rock.