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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

What’s New with WordPress 3.9

Consumed => “What You Need To Know About WordPress 3.9″ by Tyler Longren on Smashing Magazine.

Demand Horizon: Chapter Nine by Gerry Campbell

Consumed => “Demand Horizon: Chapter Nine (Beyond the Horizon)” by Gerry Campbell.

Show Your Work! – Austin Kleon: Page 0

FYI => I’m just getting around to consuming Austin Kleon – “Show Your Work.” For those who are not familiar with Kleon, he is said to be a hit at media hipster heaven, aka SXSW.

The Fine Line Between Sales and Product Development

Answered => “How do you convince your customer to purchase your product?” on Quora.

WordPress and URL Routing

Consumed => “Hardcore URL Routing for WordPress” by Mike Schinkel on Hardcore WP.

“Hope is nothing but waiting and letting life happen to you.”

Consumed => “Scott Hanselman’s Complete List of Productivity Tips” by Scott on his site / blog.

Demand Horizon: Chapter Eight by Gerry Campbell

Consumed => “Demand Horizon: Chapter Eight (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)” by Gerry Campbell.

The Key to Viral is Burst

Consumed => “The Curious Nature of Sharing Cascades on Facebook” on MIT Technology Review.

Web Browsers? Are They Doing it all Wrong?

Consumed => “Spring-cleaning Unused CSS With Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli or Brunch” by Addy Osmani on his blog / site.

Demand Horizon: Chapter Seven by Gerry Campbell

Consumed => “Demand Horizon: Chapter Seven (Managing Decline)” by Gerry Campbell.

Demand Horizon: Chapter Six by Gerry Campbell

Consumed => “Demand Horizon: Chapter Six (The Sweet Spot of Continuous Innovation)” by Gerry Campbell.

The Moment of Clarity

Consumed => “Heidegger’s Marketing Secrets: What German Philosophers Know About Selling TVs” by Drake Bennett on Businessweek.

When You Practice Design

Consumed => “A Framework for Building a Design Practice” by Verne Ho on Medium.

Making Negative into a Positive

Consumed => “Why Negativity Is Really Awesome” by Megan McArdle on Businessweek.

David Kelley of IDEO on “Creative Confidence”

Consumed => “David Kelley, Co-Founder Of IDEO” by Jessica Harris on From Scratch (via NPR).

“Think until it hurts”

Consumed => “Gary Friedman: Fixer Upper” by Susan Berfield on Businessweek.

The Golden Rule (of Writing Code)

Consumed => “Code Guide” by @mdo on GitHub.

The Art of Self-Promotion: 6 Tips

Consumed => “Austin Kleon: 6 Tips for Getting Your Word Discovered” by Jessica Grose on FastCo.CREATE.

Demand Horizon: Chapter Five by Gerry Campbell

Consumed => “Demand Horizon: Chapter Five (Exploring Potential Demand)” by Gerry Campbell.

AngularJS – Getting Started (Video) by Dan Wahlin

Consumed => “AngularJS in 20ish Minutes (NG-Conf 2014)” by Dan Wahlin on YouTube (Channel NG-Conf 2014).