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Business Consulting For The 21st Century Via A Holistic & Intelligent Approach

Start With Why – Simon Sinek (Preface: The Power of Why)

Consumed => “Start With Why (Preface: The Power of Why)” by Simon Sinek.

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 12 (Patterns, Systems, and Messes)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter Chapter 12 (Patterns, Systems, and Messes)” by Daniel Goleman.

Product Launch: WPezClasses Add_Image_Size

FYI => WordPress add_image_size(), set_post_thumbnail_size() and a couple other image related bits get ezTized.

Simon Sinek: The Golden Circle

Consumed => “The Golden Circle: How great leaders inspire action” by Simon Sinek on TED.

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 11 (Social Sensitivity)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter Chapter 11 (Social Sensitivity)” by Daniel Goleman.

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 10 (The Empathy Triad)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 10 (The Empathy Triad)” by Daniel Goleman.

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 9 (The Woman Who Knew Too Much)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 9 (The Woman Who Knew Too Much)” by Daniel Goleman.

8 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Page

Consumed => “5 Clever Hacks to Beat the Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm for More Fan Engagement” By Larry Kim on Inc Magazine.

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 8 (A Recipe for Self-Control)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 8 (A Recipe for Self-Control)” by Daniel Goleman.

Disruption? Or Unnecessary Stress?

Consumed => “The Disruption Myth” by Justin Fox on The Atlantic (magazine).

WordPress: You Get What You Pay For

Consumed => “WordPress Plugins – Return on Investment” by Eric Mann on his blog.

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 7 (Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 7 (Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us)” by Daniel Goleman.

UX Psychology: Actual Experience vs Remembered Experience

Consumed => “Your Cheatsheet For Creating Memorable Design” by Jeremy Finch on FastCo Design.

UX Psychology: Actual Performance vs Perceived Performance

Consumed => “A Beginner’s Guide to Perceived Performance: 4 Ways to Make Your Mobile Site Feel Like a Native App” by Kyle Peatt on Mobify.

Bootstrap Resources – The Ultimate List (Oct 2014)

Bookmarked => The ultimate guide to Bootstrap” by Cameron Chapman on Webdesigner Depot.

SEO Myth-busting (Sept 2014)

Consumed => “7 Obsolete SEO Tactics You’re Wasting Your Time On” by Neil Patel on QuickSprout.

Mobile Web App Checklist

Consumed => “Mobile Web App Checklist” by Zach Smith and Eugene Butler on

Focus – Daniel Goleman: Chapter 6 (The Inner Rudder)

Consumed => “Focus: Chapter 6 (The Inner Rudder)” by Daniel Goleman.

Success is a Process

Consumed => “Client Education and Post-Launch Success” by Drew Thomas on A List Apart.

What Real Creativity Really Is

Consumed => “How to transform design limitations into design success” by Speider Schneider on Web Designer Depot.